Kendall's Hair Might've Just Gotten Even Shorter

The dog days of summer are when people decide to chop off their hair. Whether it was for a fresh start to fall or just because it's so darn hot, this celebrity just jumped on the bandwagon as well. Although she committed to the chop earlier in the summer, Kendall Jenner's hair might've just gotten shorter. It's not exactly a hair transformation, but it's definitely worth the Snap Story.

Models have been chopping, adding, then chopping their locks off again all summer long, and Jenner is one of them. First she shocked the beauty world with her drastic chop. Then she played around with extensions for a recent photo shoot. Now apparently she back to a bob again. What completely blows my mind is how good she looks no matter what hair length she has.

Her new 'do by celebrity stylist Jen Atkin isn't all that different than the initial chop. It does show how fast her hair grows though. The model surprised everyone with the short hair in early June. A month later she had her hair in a ponytail, which was just days before her most recent trim. Although you can't see exactly what the finished product looks like, you can tell from Atkin's Snapchat that hair was definitely lost.

There's even a slow motion video showing those A-lister locks falling to the ground to prove that hair was shed.

Unlike other celebrities, she hasn't posted a look of the final cut to any of her social media pages. Atkin did post this quick Snap of the final look as she walked out of her house with the 20-year-old's hair.

Then there's also this self portrait made from all the hair. According to the Snap, it looks to have been done by Cara Delevingne. I'm guessing by the amount of hair cut off that this is a pretty accurate self portrait.

How does she feel about the new 'do, you ask? Well, from her reaction in this Snap, she's seems to like it a whole lot.

I can't wait to see how it looks IRL!