How The 'Gilmore Girls' Trailer Proves Nothing Has Changed For Lorelai & Rory

If you haven't heard the news, Netflix finally unveiled the trailer for the Gilmore Girls revival Wednesday. Yes, it's the best thing that has happened since it was announced that one of the greatest shows of all time was returning with new episodes. As it goes with most things GG, there are a lot of takeaways from the first footage, but when it comes to what should stand out to die-hard fans most, it's the way the Gilmore Girls trailer proves nothing has changed for Lorelai and Rory — and in a really good way.

Once you get past the beautiful town that is Stars Hollow, the seasons, the music, the Amy Schumer conversation between Lorelai and Rory, and the trailer itself, take note of the fact that the Gilmore girls are drinking coffee, eating pop tarts, and reading newspapers. Obviously, coffee and pop tarts are just two of the many favorite foods and beverages Lorelai and Rory like to indulge in. It wouldn't be Gilmore Girls without pop tarts and coffee. Let's just hope all of their other favorite delicacies (aka junk food) make an appearance during the revival. The caffeine and fruit-filled, iced pastry sure seem like a good omen.

The newspaper, though? They both like to read (maybe Rory more so than her mom) and keep up on the news, so why is this important? Maybe because they're reading newspapers despite having their smartphones at arm's length. Yes, Rory uses her phone to research the "corpse flower," but quickly puts it down to get back to her newspaper. That's so Rory, isn't it? Hello, she is a writer and journalist. Would you expect anything less from her — or both of them?

They could easily be on their computers, smartphones, or tablets, rather than choosing to hold a piece of paper. But, that's not the mother and daughter duo. From the beginning of the series, they've always loved the simpler things. A newspaper is "old school" and just goes to show that Lorelai and Rory haven't changed one bit.

It's good to know that going into these newer and more modern episodes that things are going to stay relatively the same. It really is a relief, because fans would not be happy if Gilmore Girls felt like a completely different show come Nov. 25 when the four 90-minute episodes are finally released.

Images: Netflix US & Canada /YouTube (2)