There May Be A Huge Rory Clue In The 'GG' Trailer

By now you have definitely watched the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life trailer. And cried. And then watched it again. But, guys, did you notice the gazebo scene? At the start of the trailer, there are establishing shots of Luke's Diner, the Dragonfly Inn, and the gazebo. If you look closely, the woman walking down the gazebo steps looks an awful lot like Rory — the hair in particular is very Rory-esque. If that is Rory, who is she with in the gazebo? Given that the scene is from "Fall," the final episode, this could be a major Rory clue.

Sadly, it is impossible to confirm it is indeed Rory exiting the gazebo in the establishing shot. While it definitely looks like her from a distance, it could be an extra. For now, allow me to assume it is Rory, because, if it is, then Netflix may have hidden an important scene in the trailer. According to TV Line, the first two minutes of the premiere "Winter" feature Rory and Lorelai chatting happily in the gazebo. That means the first time fans see Rory and Lorelai again, they will be together in Stars Hollow's most famous landmark.

If the story begins at the gazebo, it stands to reason that it could end at the gazebo, and that small moment of what looks like Rory walking down the steps could be the last moment of the series. While I have my doubts Netflix would risk hiding the show's final scene in the trailer, I am still at least 85 percent sure that is Rory walking away from someone in the shot, and I would love to know who that someone is.

Notice how the woman turns back for a final glance at whoever she was sitting with? That signals the conversation could be an important one. She also appears to be carrying luggage (that bag is huge). Now, the most likely candidates are Lorelai and Lane, both of whom Rory would sit and have a chat with in such a familiar spot, especially if she was about to make a major life change, like a move. If this is a shot from the final episode, then I would bet on this being a farewell for now scene between Lorelai and Rory.

It could be the start of the episode as well. The first episode and the final episode may both start with the Gilmores chatting in the gazebo. The symmetry would be beautiful and even hearken back to the ending of the series' first run in a fun way.

There is another possibility though. Rory could be talking to one of the men in her life. It has now been officially confirmed the world will know who Rory ends up with by the end of the revival. I imagine her choice will not be completely clear until the final episode, and she may seek advice from someone in the last episode.

Join me as I don my tinfoil hat, because I have a (conspiracy) theory. In the scene in question, it looks like Rory is walking away from someone, almost as if the conversation gave her a new sense of purpose. What if Rory is talking with Jess, Dean, or Logan? A conversation in the gazebo between Jess or Dean would be particularly meaningful because both of those guys were Rory's Stars Hollow boyfriends. Since Dean and Rory are not going to end up together, it would be beautiful to see her turn to him as she works out her romantic life. It would be a great way to honor the relationship they had and give Dean a meaty scene worth coming back for.

Then again, this could also be a farewell scene as Rory tells Jess or Logan goodbye for the final time, or she could be bidding farewell to Stars Hollow in general if the bag factors into the equation. I am almost definitely reading too much into this, but, if Rory is the one walking away from the gazebo, then this iconic spot may become even more iconic before the final credits roll.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; NetflixUS&Canada/YouTube