How To Make Your Makeup Waterproof

Whether you're a fan of the pool, the beach, or prefer to dance around in a backyard sprinkler, figuring out how to make your makeup waterproof can be a serious beauty dilemma come summertime. Although there's certainly no reason you have to focus on keeping a full face of product on while you're just trying to enjoy a game of underwater volleyball, not having to think twice about whether or not your bright blue lipstick (pool party-themed, naturally) is smeared can be kind of relieving.

Honestly, the biggest part of ensuring your makeup stays on through an entire day at the beach is picking products with the best ingredients for the job. If you wear any makeup at all, you'll want to pick lightweight formulas that won't make you look like the middle of a 100 Layers Of Whatever challenge when it starts to melt. Peek at the ingredients label too: If it contains any sort of natural wax or certain types of polymers, there's less of a chance your mascara will end up on your cheeks after a quick dip.

If you're in a pinch and don't have those ingredients on hand, there are a few tricks you can try to make your regular products longer lasting too. Check out the video below for plenty of hacks to waterproof your makeup!