13 Waterproof Makeup Tutorials For All Your Summer Needs — VIDEOS

Between the ruthless heat, the unforgiving humidity, and the endless invitations to pool and beach parties, wearing makeup in the summer can be a serious struggle. If you want to avoid having your makeup melt off or disappear entirely under such circumstances, waterproof makeup tutorials might be your answer. MUAs and vloggers have valuable insight on the best waterproof products, tips, and tricks to help make sure your face doesn't have to suffer at the hands of seasonal weather.

I know the struggle firsthand, of course. My oily, acne-prone skin practically forbids me from applying my usual face of makeup come June. If I even put a drop of foundation on my visage, it will melt, it will clump, and it will turn into a hot mess within the hour. Thankfully, vloggers aren't stingy about their specific approaches, and offer a lot of how-to for creating a lasting weather-proof makeup look for summer.

You might be wondering if it's even possible to wear a full face of cosmetics after June without it getting ruined by outdoor activities or other summer fun. And I'm here to tell you yes: Yes it is. Take the word of the following beauty gurus who have endless advice on how to make your makeup totally doable — and gorgeous — all summer long.

1. Pool-Proof

Irishcel507 on YouTube

The real test of a waterproof makeup tutorial? When the look holds up even after the MUA takes a swim in a pool — on camera. That's exactly what Irishcel507 did in her tutorial. Working with long-lasting products without skipping the regular steps of a makeup application, she maintained a flawless base, a neutral aesthetic, and a dramatic winged liner even through multiple dips in the pool.

2. Drugstore

Brittany Marie on YouTube

Let's be real: Most of us don't have the finances to splurge on super expensive, waterproof-specific products just for one season. Thankfully, there's no need to, since waterproof products exist for humans on a budget. With Brittany Marie's tutorial, you can create a bright, stunning look that won't sweat or melt off.

3. Full Face

ReadySetGlamour doesn't cut any corners with her summer makeup tutorial: It's waterproof, heatproof, and long-lasting. So if you'll only settle for a full face of foundation, done-up eyes, and bold lips, then this is the how-to for you.

4. Special Event

Zabrena on YouTube

This tutorial might be catered to the summer bride, but let Zabrena show you how beautiful and easy the gorgeous aesthetic can be for any event you might be attending this season. From the glowing skin to the glistening eyes, it's beyond pretty and guaranteed to last even in relentless heat.

5. Sweat Proof

Laura Lee on YouTube

Sweating is inevitable for most of us in the summer, especially if you're trying to enjoy the nice weather by going outdoors. Vlogger Laura Lee knows this, which is why her bronzed, glowy makeup look is totally sweat-proof. Keeping it simple but also really pretty, no amount of sweat will destroy this beauty look.

6. Brows & Lashes

sonjdradeluxe on YouTube

Personally, my brows and lashes are the most important parts of my makeup routine and I just can't eschew them come the sunshine. If you feel similarly about having on-fleek brows and lashes, I present you with SonjdraDeluxe's tutorial. Strictly focusing on those two factors, she creates a brow and lash look that no amount of water could ruin. If you ask me, that's what being on-fleek is all about.

7. For Rain

Pia bobade on YouTube

April showers bring May flowers... and summer heat brings rain clouds and thunderstorms. If you live in an area where rain is common throughout the season, you may want to take Pia Bobade's advice and layer your beauty products to get a long-lasting result. Her tutorial, designed to test makeup in rain, heat, and water, is a gorgeous take on a bright smoky eye and a flawless base. Be prepared to fall in love with this one.

8. Bright Lip

Jeanine Amapola on YouTube

Waterproof, sweat-proof, and summer-proof? Get ready to follow Jeanine Amapola's lead with this bright, beautiful makeup tutorial. From the light smoky eye to the bright, magenta lip color, the look should help you avoid a melting summer face.

9. Bright Eyes

Sona Gasparian on YouTube

If you're looking to dress up your eyes with bright colors while ensuring the makeup won't rub off in the heat and humidity, then Sona Gasparian will have your back. Her guaranteed sweat-proof makeup tutorial features glowing skin, flushed cheeks, and a gorgeous bright blue eye look. You can adjust the colors and the intensity of this look to your own liking, of course.

10. Naturally Glowing

Don't ask me how she does it, but Jasmine Richards achieves a naturally glowing makeup look with minimal products. And the best part? She makes sure everything will endure summer heat, sweat, and sun. Yeah, it's pretty amazing.

11. Foundation

Diana Saldana on YouTube

Vlogger Diana Saldana knows that oily skin can be particularly tedious during the summer. So let me introduce you to her heat-proof foundation routine. Whether you have oily skin or not, her recommended products and application tips should allow anyone and everyone to achieve a flawless base.

12. Beach

bubzbeauty on YouTube

Doing your makeup for the beach can often be a whole other beast, since beaches can be windy on top of being wet, hot, and offering lots of sun exposure. Have no fear, though, because bubzbeauty's tutorial is cute, protective, and easy to-do. Plus, her advice for a natural, long-lasting look covers all the bases, from waterproofing your brows to using a cream blush.

13. Dramatic

Christen Dominique on YouTube

In her tutorial, Christen Dominique goes over the importance of primers and SPF, alongside tips and tricks for getting a long-lasting makeup look. She creates a gorgeous, dramatic visage as well, with bright inner liner, winged liner, and a seriously pretty highlight.

There are tons of ways to approach makeup application in summer so that your face doesn't feel like it's melting off. From perfecting your brow game to completely waterproofing your routine, simply reference these tutorials for flawless makeup come heat or moisture.

Image: Jasmine Richards/YouTube (1)