This Quiz Knows What "Pokemon Go" Team You Are

By now, if you are an avid player of "Pokemon Go," you've probably long since picked Team Valor, Team Mystic, or Team Instinct as your PokeSquad. But odds are when you were deciding which "Pokemon Go" team you belong in, you made the decision hastily. So eager were you to get your 38 Rattatas and 42 Pidgeys into the local gym and start battling Pokemon in suburbia that you just picked one at random, or called your gaming friend and joined whatever team they were on, or (gasp) just picked your favorite of the three team colors and went with it.

When you consider all these external influencing factors, it's entirely logical to wonder if you made the right decision the first time around. But the truth is, your Pokemon Team is every bit as defining as what Hogwarts House you belong in; they each come with their own unique personalities, inclinations, beliefs, and perspectives. Now that the identities of the gym leaders have been revealed, that is more evident than ever.

Of course, you're committed to whatever team you chose (#BlueTeam 4 Lyfe). But aren't you curious what your team should have been? If you had an objective judge, like a Pokemon Sorting Hat? Thankfully, friends, we have gone ahead and made this handy flowchart to reveal your true Poke-nature. Maybe you'll end up on the team you chose, and maybe you won't — but you will be one step closer to understanding your nature, and the true Pokemon Master you were meant to be.

Click HERE to find out what "Pokemon Go" team you should join.