'Glee's "100" Is Going To Be The Most Nostalgic 2 Hours On Television — PHOTOS

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Well, it looks like Ryan Murphy's going to give Glee a proper send-off by reminding us of all of the GREAT things it had going for it when it started. FOX released 20 official photos from the upcoming two-part "100" and we're as nostalgic as ever for simpler times at McKinley High. We knew all of our favorite characters were coming back, but seeing Brittany, Santana, and Quinn back in their Cheerios uniforms gives us a lot of feels.

FOX and Murphy have bombarded us with info about "100" for the past few months — from the episode's track-list to the numerous returning and new guest stars — and now it's almost here. Are we ready to say goodbye to Lima and all of the great things that came from the show's first season for good?

Check out the images from "100" and take a walk down memory lane.

Images: FOX

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