Why MJ's "Lovechild" Might Be Lying

On Wednesday, it was revealed that 31-year-old singer Brandon Howard might be Michael Jackson's son and he supposedly has the DNA evidence to prove his claim. Sources said that the results of a DNA test would be released on Thursday, using a dental impression of the deceased Jackson to compare with Howard. Well the day of truth is upon us and the rumor could be true. Well, kind of. It's complicated because FilmOn.com claims to have the results and says there is a 99.9 percent chance Howard is Jackson's son, but now we need proof that the test itself is valid.

Even though Howard and FilmOn both claim he is in fact Jackson's biological son, the result of a relationship between Jackson and Howard's gospel singer mother Miki Howard, there is a lot of doubt surrounding the whole story. Here's why you should be extremely suspicious.

The DNA Source

Howard allegedly bought Jackson's dental impressions in an auction from a Beverly Hills doctor. First, there's no way of knowing that these impressions actually exist and if they do, that Howard has them. And second, the supposed impressions are said to be 30-years-old, so it's doubtful that they could even still contain Jackson's DNA.

The DNA Test

The only thing more questionable than Jackson's DNA sample is the DNA test itself. Supposedly it was conducted by an Ireland-based DNA lab called, wait for it, DNA Lab. TMZ did some sleuthing and realized that the lab's logo, as seen in the DNA report, is identical to one seen in Terminator Salvation. Either it's a coincidence that the most generically-named lab of all time shares a logo with one seen in a fictional movie, or FilmOn fabricated the results.

Howard's Michael Jackson Impression

In the video above, Howard states that he is not the one who told the media about his DNA test, has never claimed to be Jackson's son and does not want to sue his estate. All while doing a spot-on Michael Jackson impression. Just because Howard has the ability to sound like Jackson doesn't make him the late celebrity's son. It actually makes the whole thing even less likely. No one sounds that similar to their parents. If doing a good impression is all it takes to prove parentage, then Bruno Mars is Jackson's son too.

Howard Could Also Be Joe Jackson's Son

Though these claims are just as shaky as those made about Michael Jackson, the NY Daily News has sources who say Michael's father Joe is actually Howard's father, making him Michael's secret half-brother, not lovechild. It's all pretty confusing, but sort of makes sense when you remember Michael only knew Howard's mother because his father was her manager. There is some resemblance between Michael and Howard, and this could just as easily explain it.

Howard is B Howard, an R&B Singer

Please name one thing in the entire world that would be better for an aspiring R&B singer's career than being the King of Pop's son. There is literally nothing that would provide so huge a boost and instantly land that lovechild a record deal, reality series and tell-all book, all using clever plays on the term "lovechild."

WTF is FilmOn?

Sure it's kind of weird that we're all supposed to just take the word of FilmOn on this, but I know what you're thinking. I haven't heard of them, but they're probably a valid news source right? No. A gossip site? Nope. Okay, at least a tabloid of some kind? Not even close. FilmOn, the people who claim to have the exclusive DNA test proving Howard is Jackson's son, is a website that streams live TV—and probably, illegally. How they even became involved in this whole debacle is beyond me, but really, you shouldn't need another reason to dismiss this rumor. Until BitTorrent breaks major news, I wouldn't trust the people of FilmON to singlehandedly "report" this event.