"Her Story" On Twitter Perfectly Sums Up Hillary Clinton's Moment In History

This week, Hillary Clinton made history — scratch that, herstory — when she accepted the Democratic Party's nomination at the Democratic National Convention, making her the first woman to ever be nominated for president by a major party. The internet, of course, responded the only way they know how: by taking to social media and singing her praises. Hashtag "Her story" on Twitter describes Clinton's moment in history absolutely perfectly.

Depending on the general election results in November, the line of American presidents won't be defined solely by men. For the first time in American history, a woman could become president. To employ the play on words, herstory is just getting started.

As expected, the entire DNC was live-tweeted and endlessly analyzed, criticized, and celebrated online. But the final night's programming, which included a speech by Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, a Shonda Rhimes-produced documentary about Clinton that was narrated by Morgan Freeman, and Clinton's acceptance speech, was certainly a big finish to a star-studded week. No disappointments there.

While many celebrities and others made their endorsement of Clinton known ahead of the convention, others seemed moved both by DNC speakers like Michelle and Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, Meryl Streep, Sarah Silverman, Lena Dunham, America Ferrera, Chloe Grace Moretz, and many others. To see such famous and influential people rally around a candidate certainly was touching, and many Americans shared in the excitement. Some spoke out on Twitter to let the world know they're now #WithHer, while others described how Clinton was making #HerStory.


Apparently The Hamilton Reference Worked

Someone made a Hillary parody of the Hamilton art, and none other than Octavia Spencer retweeted it.

Potential Destiny's Child White House Reunion?

Clinton is a fan of Lemonade...

An Important Historical Touch

A nod to Geraldine Ferraro, who wore white when she accepted the vice presidential nomination in 1984. Herstory indeed.

Too Cute!

When herstory is being made, it's good to let the kids stay up late to watch it.

When Clinton Met Jennifer...

Can you imagine having J. Lo endorse you?!

A Fan From Back Home

This might be my favorite photo from the night, and just goes to show that down-ticket Democrats — and especially women running for office — benefit from this historic achievement too.

The One Tweet That Says It All

No matter who you support, watching Clinton accept the nomination was an amazing moment to witness.