What's New In Selena Gomez's Revival Tour Collection? You Have To See These Items

When you think of concert apparel, the typical band-logo tee comes to mind. Well, not anymore. Selena Gomez's Revival Tour Collection might as well be a full-on fashion line. The singer has everything from tank tops to temporary tattoos, and it's only getting bigger. She's constantly adding more to the virtual shop and there are some new additions that you have to see for yourself.

Gomez's Revival Tour is in full swing, but that doesn't mean she's forgotten about her tour apparel. From new tees to trendy accessories, the looks get better every single time she adds something new to her range. According to the star's Instagram, she'll soon be selling replicas of her on-stage outfits as well for her ultra committed customers.

After posting photos of herself in an all-mesh, long-sleeved top with a patch of denim across her chest, she announced on Instagram that the exact top will be hitting the online shop sometime soon. The shirt is a collaboration with the designer Sami Miró, who looks to have designed a majority of the singer's on-stage looks for the tour. I'm not exactly sure what occasion you'd have to wear this see-through top, but it is pretty darn stylish. It even comes in three choices of denim colors.

That's not the only awesome item that's been added to the online store either. Not only will you be able to share your love for the singer, but you'll look super trendy all at the same time.

1. Vintage Barney Tee

Vintage Barney Distressed Photo Tee, $55, selenagomez.com

How awesome is this? Now you can show your love for the singer with this throwback form where it all began.

2. Selena Gomez Choker

Selena Gomez Name Choker, $20, selenagomez.com

It doesn't get trendier than this, people.

3. Kill 'Em With Kindness Tank

Kill 'Em With Kindness Pocket Tank, $40, selenagomez.com

Everyone can use another pocket tee in their wardrobe.

4. Patched Jean Shorts

Revival Patches Jean Shorts, $125, selenagomez.com

You can get a full head-to-toe Gomez look with these shorts.

5. Gomez Bodysuit

Gomez Charcoal Bodysuit, $50, selenagomez.com

Pair this bodysuit with the jean shorts, and you'll be all Gomez'd out.

6. Bandana

Red Selena Gomez Bandana, $10, selenagomez.com

Used as a headband or just an outfit add-on, the bandana is one of the cheapest items in the collection.

7. Cropped Sweatshirt

Gomez Cropped Sweatshirt, $55, selenagomez.com

Simple but totally stylish.

8. Graphic Tee

Me And My Girls Ringer Shirt, $40, selenagomez.com

There are plenty of more classic styles as well.

9. Crop Top

Mirror Pic Cropped Top, $45, selenagomez.com

Because what's a 21-century clothing collection without a ripped up crop top?

This collection will still be just as stylish when her tour is over.

Image: selenagomez.com (9)