Your New Favorite Jenner To Follow On Instagram

It's no secret that Kylie Jenner has perfected the art of taking selfies. Considering she's Kim Kardashian's sister, it makes sense. A love of selfies clearly runs in the family. Not only is this obsession limited to the human members of the Kardashian-Jenner crew — their pets are getting in on the photo-taking fun too. Kylie Jenner made her dog an Instagram account, and it's about to become your favorite member of the famous family to keep up with on social media.

Jenner posted a photo on her own account with the caption: "#mood. Just decided to make my child an Instagram @normiejenner follow him :)"

In a matter of only four days, Norman has 256,000 followers. That's insanely popular (or should I say pup-ular?) for a dog, yet not too surprising. Jenner's own fan base is huge and the puppy is absolutely adorable. It's also nice to see Kylie doing something fun with her time, instead of dwelling on that alleged Drake diss. (Even though that was directed at Tyga, it probably bugged her too, right?)

If you're questioning whether you should follow a dog on Instagram, there are plenty of perfectly good reasons. The super-cute pup has a sense of humor and often poses with members of the Kardashian fam. There's footage of him jumping around as his grandma Kris Jenner naps, or photos of him cuddling up next to Kendall.

In case that's not convincing enough, I'll just let these photos speak for themselves!

Taking After His Mom

Norman is already a pro at taking selfies. Look at that smize!

Joking Around

OMG! That pose. Plus, I'm sure Kylie gets her nails done all. the. time.

Bugging Kris Jenner

How did Kris sleep through that?! How?

Taking The Cutest Naps

Can we talk about his pose? I don't know how he gets all curled up like that, but it's too cute.

Cuddled Up With Kim K.

The caption speaks for itself.

Since this is only the start of Norman's Insta account, I suggest following along now, so you don't miss a thing!