'Girls' Might Be Headed To Florida, But What Could This Mean For Season 6?

After making headlines at the DNC earlier this month, Lena Dunham has quickly transitioned from politics to entertainment by heading to warm weather for her hit HBO show. Pictures of Dunham shooting Girls in Florida appeared on the star's Instagram on Saturday, which she captioned "#girlsdoesflorida." This is one of the first hints about what the upcoming final season of the beloved HBO show has in store for us, and it makes me wonder — what could the girls of Girls be doing in Florida during Season 6?

Dunham's pictures don't show any of the other actors from the show, so it's possible that it will just be her character Hannah who will spend some time in Florida. The characters on Girls have, after all, increasingly branched out in their own directions as the show has aged, so anything's possible. It's also an option that the hashtag is a joke, and Dunham is just on a well-deserved vacation. Her captions might jokingly be pointing to the difference between Florida and the usual Girls setting of Brooklyn. However, Dunham referenced being in the airport with Girls showrunner Jenni Konner in a previous post and scouting locations with the show's production designer, so it seems likely that she and the crew are traveling together to Florida to shoot. Assuming Girls is actually going to Florida, what could be the reason? Here are a few theories.

Hannah Becomes A Lifestyle Blogger

This caption is almost definitely a joke, but I actually really like the idea of Hannah quitting her teaching job to become a writer, and then being hired to write about something she knows nothing about.

It's A Family Vacation

Hannah and her family could make an effort to salvage her parents' relationship by going on a family vacation to Florida.

Hannah Dates Someone New

After breaking up with Fran, Hannah could be looking to rebound. The boat in Dunham's pictures seems counter to Hannah's usual pastimes, but I can see her getting really swept up in a relationship with someone very different from her — in this case, someone outdoorsy — as she has done in the past.

It's Another "Beach House"

While it seems unlikely that all four girls would be able to find time to go on a trip together, the final season could be a good opportunity for one on one on one on one bonding in the style of that pivotal episode at the beach house.

It's Part Of Desi's Tour

At the end of this past season, Marnie was heading off with her (ex?) husband Desi to tour. I like the idea that Desi would do a U.S.-based tour, rather than travel to Europe, but if this is the case, why would Hannah be there?

Besides these pics, fans know very little about the sixth and final season of Girls. We'll have to wait and find out if any of these predictions come true, and what role, if any, the sunshine state will play.

Image: HBO