How To Change Your Avatar's Appearance In "Pokemon Go," Thanks To The New Update

Last night while you were asleep dreaming about Eevee evolutions, "Pokemon Go" was going through a transformation of its own. Niantic, Inc. released a "Pokemon Go" update, and it includes a number of new features. Chief among them? You can now learn how to change your "Pokemon Go" avatar with just the tap of a button, which may seem like small change to someone who doesn't understand what it's like to be fully committed to Team Mystic even though your avatar is wearing an orange and white hat, but is a big deal to some of us (SERIOUSLY WHAT WAS I THINKING).

In fact, a user's inability to change their avatar's appearance after initially picking out hair color, skin tone, and outfit was one of the bigger frustrations people voiced early on when "Pokemon Go" first launched. Clearly, Niantic, Inc. has heard our cries, because your avatar's outfit is no longer set in stone. Thanks to the new update, users can now go back in and customize their avatars however they choose, whether it's by picking out a new 'do, changing up its eye color, or dressing it up in some new duds. Hey, if your Pokemon can evolve, it only makes sense that your avatar be able to do the same. So how do you switch up your avatar's appearance? It's ridiculously simple.

1. Tap on your avatar icon in the lower lefthand corner of your screen

I know, I know. I'm only on Level 11. Give me a break.

2. When the next screen appears, tap the three bars in the lower righthand corner

3. Hit customize

4. Build a brand new you

And whaddya know, you're in. Browse through different hair, eye, and skin options. Change your avatar's outfit, change its gender, change whatever you want. Then, when you're all done, all you have to do is hit the checkmark in the bottom righthand corner. The game will ask you if you're all set with your changes, and if the answer is yes, your avatar's makeover goes into effect... at least, until you want to switch things up again.


Personally, I'm feeling my look for now, but I'm glad that should I change my mind in the near future, I have that option. Actually, I'm already wondering what it would be like to live vicariously through my suddenly blond avatar. Pardon me while I go mix things up.

Images: Pokemon Go