19 TV Shows That Should Have Been More Popular In The '00s

Back in the 2000s, the TV landscape was so different than it is now. So many new TV classics were in the making, whether the shows were watched by millions or not. Some experienced unparalleled popularity, but there were also many superb series gems that weren't watched as much, although they were still very much appreciated. There were many TV shows that should have been more popular in the '00s than they were, and I think it's about time they get their long-awaited due.

The early 2000s was a great era of TV because HBO original shows were coming into their own (like Sex & The City and The Sopranos) and even basic cable began offering up new and cool series on their schedules. Suddenly, audiences were treated to a whole new expanded TV schedule that would grow into what we have now — so much great TV and so little time. It's no wonder some series got sadly overlooked, but thanks to Netflix and other streaming services, it's never too late to catch up on some old but good series. Also thanks to Netflix, renewed interested in a show can lead to a revival series, like Fuller House, Arrested Development, and Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life, so it's always a good idea to hop on-board.

Check out these awesome TV shows that should've been way more popular in the '00s.

1. Gilmore Girls

This former WB and CW show may be super popular now, but back in the 2000s, Gilmore Girls was wholly under-appreciated.

2. Undeclared

Before Judd Apatow was known for his uproarious feature movie comedies, this cute college comedy was filled with great guest stars, but short-lived and not given the chance it deserved.

3. Freaks & Geeks

Another Apatow series that was definitely ahead of its time and way too under-appreciated for its awesomeness. But as a consolation, almost every one of its main stars is pretty popular now.

4. Scrubs

Exec producer Bill Lawrence defined friendship goals when he created JD and Turk, the quirkiest doctors on the most under-loved sitcom.

5. Cougar Town

This ABC comedy was cursed with a title that wasn't a big draw for fans, but it should be a lesson that you shouldn't judge a show by its name. The quirky series was about a fun group of wine-loving friends, and TV fans should have given it another chance.

6. Parks & Recreation

This NBC sitcom was far from a hit, but it was highly appreciated among its devoted fans. In its later years, it became more than just an Office spin off — it became a family.

7. Leverage

This TNT adventure drama is beloved by its devoted fan base, but it never seemed to catch on with the general viewing public.

8. Wonderfalls

This adorable Fox dramedy was beloved by critics, but canceled after a single season on the air.

9. Pushing Daisies

There are high concept shows and then there's Pushing Daisies, in which Ned brings his childhood love back to life, but if they ever touch, she'll die once again. That didn't stop the series from being unabashedly romantic and adorable, but it's too bad more people didn't see it.

10. The Wire

Sure, the TV crime drama that has been heralded as the best show of a time is popular and critically acclaimed now, but back in the 2000s, people were asking "What's The Wire?"

11. Even Stevens

Lizzie McGuire ruled the early 2000s, but I wish more people had appreciated her sitcom cousin, Even Stevens, which can be described as Seinfeld for the pre-teen set.

12. The Comeback

This HBO comedy was so under-appreciated in its time that it was canceled, but brought back 10 years later once people started discovering it. Miracles can happen.

13. The Job

This Denis Leary ABC crime sitcom (yes, crime sitcom) was wry, sarcastic, and biting in the way only the comedian could bring to TV.

14. Community

This NBC (then later Yahoo! Screen) sitcom was smart, funny, and unlike anything else on TV. Unfortunately, being different and unique didn't help the show in the ratings, and it was on the bubble during most of the years it was on the air.

15. Party Down

This Starz comedy was severely underrated. Packed with a great cast, wry jokes, and biting Hollywood commentary, I wish more people would have discovered this gem.

16. Damages

This intense legal drama was little seen, but earned serious critical acclaim.

17. The Amazing Race

This reality competition show has won a ton of Emmys, but no one really talks about it.

18. Futurama

Matt Groenig's other animated series wasn't as widely watched as his hit The Simpsons, but it was beloved enough to be resurrected after its cancellation in 2007.

19. Nip/Tuck

Before Ryan Murphy got us to sing with Glee and scared viewers with American Horror Story, he took fans on the emotional rollercoaster of this plastic surgery drama on FX.

Make sure to watch these shows, and perhaps it'll get some of them a chance at revivals one day.

Image: NBC