Laverne Cox's TCAs Chain Belt Was So, So '90s

Laverne Cox is a lot of things: An incredible actor, an activist, and a voice for the most marginalized among us. But Laverne Cox at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards is one more thing: A sartorial superstar. It can sometimes feel uncomfortable to focus on a person's style when there is so much more to say about them. However, for those of us who believe that fashion has the power to be political, empowering, and a major booster of self-love, it seems only fitting to do so for a moment or two.

Cox showed up to the Inglewood, California red carpet (or should I say, blue carpet) for the TCAs on Jul. 31 sporting a simple and low-cut black jumpsuit. Her mane was sleek and repping some side pins reminiscent of Baby Spice's subtler pigtail details. Her makeup was somehow minimal, yet bold. But it's the chain belt that caught my eye the most: A little reminiscent of '90s glam, it was an accessory unlike most others around her.

Now, I love a good chain belt. I think it has the power to turn even the most simple and basic of outfits into an eye-catching dream. At this year's TCAs, I think it's safe to say that Cox is with me.

And now, please take a moment to hear her glorious voice.

What an angel.