Kim Kardashian Hits 20 Million Twitter Followers, Quotes Kanye To Celebrate In A Tweet That Surprises No One

A whole lot of folks are interested in what she's doing everyday, apparently, Kim Karadashian just hit a heaping 20 million Twitter followers. That's a heaping amount of folks who wanna know what's up with the mama of North West and bride-to-be of Kanye.

She tweeted this moment expressing sheer and utter joy, and a dose of gratitude towards her followers (hey, it's quite an accomplishment in the twitter-sphere). Oh yeah: she celebrated this MOMENTOUS occasion in her career (that has otherwise been peppered with notoriety and butt jokes) by quoting her man. 'Cause when your man is Kanye, isn't that just obvious?

Her celebratory and uber-gracious tweet read: "OMG 20 MILLION FOLLOWERS! ARE U KIDDING ME!!!! THANK U SO MUCH!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!! XOXOX ALL I REALLY WANTED WAS 20MIL & A BAD B……"

The actual lyric, from "Sanctified," is: "all I really wanted was 100 million and a bad bitch," so perhaps she'll quote him again when she reaches 100 million?

The reference is also quite timely, as he joined Rick Ross and Big Sean Thursday night to perform the song on The Arsenio Hall Show.

To put this all in perspective, if we're playing Competitive Tweeting, Katy Perry's still in the lead, as she hit 50 million followers about a month ago, making her the most followed person in the history of Twitter. But hey, let's not minimize what an ACCOMPLISHMENT this is for Kim.

It's also just more validation for her that her day-to-day antics are enough to keep the universe entertained...for at least 140 characters.

You can watch Yeezus's appearance on Arsenio Hall alongside Rick Ross and Big Sean right over here: