Lori Loughlin's Daughter Is Basically Aunt Becky

If you tuned into Sunday's 2016 Teen Choice Awards, then you know the Fuller House cast took home a surfboard for Choice TV Show: Comedy. However, there just so happens to be another important Fuller House moment you may have missed. Did you know that Lori Loughlin's daughter interviewed John Stamos on the TCA blue carpet? That's right, 17-year-old Isabella Giannulli worked the TCA's for Hollywood Today Live and chatted with the stars in attendance, including the man who plays her mom's onscreen husband.

What are the odds? It surprised Loughlin, too, who wrote on Instagram alongside an adorable picture of Stamos and Giannulli, "Wow, never in my dreams could I have imagined that one day my daughter would interview one of my oldest [and] dearest friend's!!"

Seriously, how cool is that? Although, it may be a little strange to be standing next to the man who's admitted Loughlin could be the one that got away. Not to mention, I'm sure Giannulli has gotten wind that some Full House fans wish Loughlin and Stamos were a real-life couple, which just may weird her out a bit. However, I highly doubt Giannulli sees Stamos in the same light that his long-time fans do.

The cool factor aside, can we talk about how Loughlin's daughter is her mini-me? They look exactly alike. Anyone else getting major Aunt Becky vibes from her days on Full House? Between her dark hair, the eyebrows, the floral '90s type clothing, and the fact that she's standing next to Uncle Jesse, Loughlin and her daughter are twins. Seeing as Stamos hasn't aged at all since his Full House days, the above photo is basically an image of Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky.

Also, it's clear that Giannulli is channeling Becky's journalism skills. As all die-hard Full House fans know, Becky and Danny Tanner co-hosted Wake Up, San Francisco together. Who knows if Loughlin's daughter wants to be a journalist like Aunt Becky, but she sure is moving in the right direction.