Have Lori Loughlin & John Stamos Ever Dated? A Look at All the Times She's Answered This Question

Sure, chemistry can be faked, but when it comes to some of our favorite TV couples, it's tough not to imagine that, unlike their characters, the actors behind them might not actually be in love. Take Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, whose perfect marriage on Friday Night Lights had fans convinced that the actors were destined to be together in real life, as well. Or The Office's Jim and Pam, John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, who I still can't believe aren't actually dating, despite both of them being married with kids. While some TV pairs do take their romance off-screen (Summer and Seth forever <3), plenty of others are forced to spend far too much time convincing people that they aren't, were never, and will never be a real-life couple. Just ask John Stamos and Lori Loughlin, who've spent the last 20 years telling Full House fans that they're not an item. But have all their protestations had any effect? Judging by the amount of times Loughlin, at least, still gets asked about her love life, the answer is probably not.

Although both Full House actors get asked numerous times about why they've never dated in real life, it's Loughlin who suffers the brunt of it, probably because most Stamos fans don't actually mind the fact that he's still single. In nearly every interview Loughlin does, questions inevitably arise about her relationship with her former TV husband, most of them of the "but seriously, why were you never together?" variety.

It's gotta be tough for Loughlin to have to answer the same question all the time, but probably not as difficult as it is for us to hear, again and again, that Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky's love will forever (see what we did there?) be confined to the small screen. For once, Loughlin, just humor us once and say that you and Stamos were once secretly a couple. Is that too much to ask?

A timeline of Stamos and Loughlin's off-screen "romance:"

March 2013:

While on HuffPost Live, Loughlin got fans' hearts beating fast when she publicly spoke about her complicated relationship with Stamos for one of the first times.

"I was actually married at the time that I was doing the show and then I got divorced," she said. "And then when I got divorced, [John] met Rebecca Romijn and he got married, so our timing was just really off."

Fair enough. But then she had to add this dagger:

"I don't think it ever entered our minds that it would be something more."

What? How is that possible? Loughlin went on to call Stamos "a really good friend" and complimented their on-screen chemistry, but the fact that the actors never even considered dating is too mind-boggling to contemplate.

Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

June 2013:

In his appearance on HuffPost Live, Stamos revealed that Loughlin was "the one that got away."

"We were friends, we were on the soaps together and we actually did date," Stamos said. "We went on a date to Disneyland before, you know, before we were both married. In real life, when we were 18, 19 years old. We did have some off timing, but no disrespect to her family and her husband now, I would say that she could be the one that got away."

That sound you heard? Millions of Full House fans screaming.

July 2013:

In mid-July, Loughlin posted an Instagram photo of her and Stamos together at a Broadway theater. The caption may have referred to Stamos only as Loughlin's "dear friend," but the fact that the duo saw musicals together was more than enough to warm Full House fans' hearts.

The major reunion, though, came just a week later, when Loughlin joined her TV husband onstage on Jimmy Fallon when his fake band, Jesse and the Rippers, performed a reunion show. At the song's end, Loughlin walked over to Stamos and kissed him ON THE MOUTH. Sure, it was platonic and mostly for the audiences' benefit, but there were definite sparks. Right? Right?!

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October 2013:

When a reporter brought up Stamos' "one that got away" statement from a few months earlier to Loughlin, the actress seemed just as taken aback as we would be by the comment.

"Oh my goodness. Well, we'll never know, right," she said, before adding, "I will always love John, always."

And as for if she'd ever had a crush on Stamos? Loughlin just smiled and said, "youre funny!" Interesting...

January 2014:

On Watch What Happens Live, Stamos was the one who got asked about his former TV co-star. Uncle Jesse explained that although the duo "had great chemistry," the — you guessed it — timing was bad.

"She was married, then she got divorced, then there was about a week period that it could've happened, and then I met my ex and I went that way," Stamos said. "But she's just the model of a perfect person, a beautiful person and we're still great friends. We just don't have sex, but we're great friends."

February 2014:

This FOX411 interview may have been supposed to focus on Loughlin's new Hallmark series, but the questions quickly veered to the actress' history with Stamos. The Q&A followed an established path; the interviewer asked if Loughlin had ever gotten together with Stamos, Loughlin said no, the timing was never right. The only new information came when Loughlin also squashed the idea that the actors had ever even drunkenly hooked up, saying that "no, nothing happened." Can't blame the interviewer for trying.

March 2014:

In an interview with Yahoo's Daily Shot, Loughlin explained that the reason for her lack of real-life romance with Stamos was all about timing.

"I was married at the time I was doing the show to my first husband," she said. "Right as I was getting divorced, he [Stamos] met Rebecca [Romjin]."

Loughlin did, however, name Stamos the "hottest" member of the Full House cast, but for fans still holding out hope that the actors will get together, that's probably all we're ever gonna get.

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