12 Funny Pokemon Quotes You Forgot About

I've been reintroduced to the Pokemon world through "Pokemon Go" and it had been an interesting couple of days. I remembered the team spirit, the fights between gym masters, and even the nurses who were all related — what I didn't remember were the funny quotes from Pokemon that now make me giggle as an adult. These days they appear seemingly out of nowhere, but quickly put a smile on your face as you reminisce over Ash and company traveling the Pokemon Universe.

The show had a lot of funny moments. From simple misunderstandings between friends, all the way to Brock's never ending problem with women. The guy just couldn't catch a break! This show had a half hour to fill and ideas needed to be broad enough that they could be serialized. The moments of originality had to come from little joke breaks in between tense fight sequences. Pikachu couldn't carry that whole show all by himself! Luckily Team Rocket was always close behind to deliver a monologue or two. An entire article should be devoted to the one liners and quotes from Jessie and James.

Hopefully with the popularity of "Pokemon Go," kids will rediscover the amazing cartoon version of the game. It was a Saturday morning cartoon staple that made weekends fun and playing Pokemon even more rewarding. The battles were amazing and the emotional connection to the main characters only grew as you got to know then. Ash's inability to care about anything but Pokemon, Brock's "genius," and Misty's gutsiness shaped us into the people we are today. So here are some of the amazing and funny quotes from Pokemon.

1. Brock's Wisdom

The man knew how to act in a tough situation. I will never look at a frying pan in the same way.

2. Ash's Creative Imagination

The way he delivers "then came the storm" makes me laugh every single time.

3. Brock Doesn't Even Try

Everyone is making up names and you go with Caesar Salad? Brock, you truly were the comic releaf.

4. Tongue Twister

Even Team Rocket knows that a good one liner can make or break a tense moment. Too bad James doesn't understand the concept well enough.

5. Everyone's Got Secrets

Everyone's got secrets hidden in their closets.

6. Misty Wisdom

She was the smartest in the gang and really was the emotional epicenter. She also brought on the laughs!

7. Dancing Your Cares Away

Out of context this is amazing. He even kind of likes this song!

8. Get Out Of Misty's Way

If she wants your input she will ask you for it. GO GIRL!

9. Because Logic

If you ask Brock a question, you really should expect answers like this.

10. FitSpo

When Team Rocket flies away, James always knows what to say or suggest. That's what makes them an amazing team.

11. Must. Find. Water.

Is there anything better than seeing the bad guys in trouble? I kind of felt bad for them a little bit. Just for a second though.

12. Priorities!

If you insult her hair, you should be willing to pay the price.

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