9 Date Ideas Inspired By The Olympics For When Dinner Isn't Adventurous Enough

The Olympics have officially begun and thus, so has the obsession with the non-stop athletic events. Whether you're in it to watch Simone Biles kill it at literally everything she does, or you're beyond excited to watch women play rugby at the Olympics for the first time ever, there's definitely something to get revved up about during summer Olympic Games.

For someone who literally only cares about sports once every four years, I can't get enough of the Olympics. I mean, come on, what American doesn't feel at least a little proud every time Michael Phelps breaks his own record by adding yet another new medal to his collection? But, unlike every American, I get to remind everyone that I grew up in the same area as Phelps (and in the same town as Chase Kalisz) every time he wins something, so, really, I win every time he does. USA! USA! USA!

But, what do we do with all this excess Olympic enthusiasm when we aren't watching the coverage of the events? Well, if you and your significant other are trying to have your normal dating life during these two weeks, but can't seem to part from your NBC livestream, have no fear. Here are nine dating ideas inspired by the Olympics, so that you can keep the Olympic ball rolling.

1. Go Mini Golfing


Golf is finally an Olympic event again. The sport, which is being revived at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games hasn't been in the Olympic rotation since 1904. So, why not welcome the sport's return by gearing up for a rousing game of miniature golf? You don't need to be a pro to play and the whimsical version of the sport will instill a healthy dose of friendly competition into the date.

2. Take A Fitness Class Together

The Olympics are a time to get invested in watching a new sport, so it's also a good time to get invested in actually trying a new sport. Grab your partner and join a fitness class together. Judo, boxing, and Tae Kwon Do are all Olympic sports that also usually have local classes available. Or, try out a spin class and or a yoga class together and pretend that you're actually just training for the cycling or gymnastics events.

3. Have A Movie Triathlon


Triathlons are super fun to watch. Do you know what else is super fun to watch? Movies! Plan a movie triathlon where you and your partner decide on three movies from completely different genres and watch them all back-to-back. Not only is this date idea great for couples who regularly can't agree on something to watch, but it's also cheap, low-maintenance, and you don't have to leave the house.

4. Go On A Cycling Adventure

If the cycling events are what excite you, then try spending your date on a bike. Get your partner and your bikes together and head to a bike trail or a nearby town to do some exploring on wheels. You can even race if you're trying to bring more of an Olympic vibe to your date. Or, slow down the pace and focus on enjoying your surroundings and the company of your partner.

5. Cheer For A New Team


While you're probably excited to watch the popular swimming or gymnastics events at the Olympics, there are also events that you may not know anything about like synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics. Go through the events with your date to find something neither of you know too much about. Before the event begins, you should each pick a different country to support. Root for your new team as you watch the event. To amp up the competitive vibe, make little bets on your teams like, "if my team wins, you buy dessert," or "if your team wins, I'll do the dishes."

6. Play Volleyball On The Beach

Take advantage of the summer season by planning a trip to the beach! Beach volleyball is not only enjoyable to watch during the Olympics, but it's also super fun to play. Up the stakes of the game by making whoever loses buy boardwalk fries for the winner. While you're walking the boardwalk, keep the competitive spirit alive by challenging your partner to one of the many carnival or arcade games.

7. Get On A Boat


There are multiple Olympic events that involve a boat. Even though these sports are all about speed, boating can also be a relaxing and romantic date idea. Slow down the Olympic pace and spend a relaxing day out at sea with your partner and some fine wine. From dinner cruises to taking a canoe out onto a lake, you're sure to find the best fit for your date on the water.

8. Eat Like A Winner

You've probably been on tons of dinner dates, but none quite like this one. Start the night off by watching an Olympics event. Then, get food based on the cuisine of whichever country wins gold. If China wins first place, order some Chinese takeout. If Great Britain gets the top spot, head to a local pub for some fish and chips. Or, if you and your partner are also huge cooking show enthusiasts, try your hand at whipping up something from the winning country's culture.

9. Take Notes From Jim Halpert & Pam Beesly


If you're also a fan of The Office – and, honestly, who isn't? – then you've most likely seen the episode "Office Olympics" where the Dunder Mifflin employees spend the day competing in made-up events for makeshift medals. Combine your favorite show and your favorite summer sporting events by creating your own games with your partner. Spend your date competing against each other in events that you worked together to create.

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