Body Stuff You Don't Have To Be Insecure About

It takes a lot of effort to become who you're supposed to be, and to crush your goals. It will take even more effort if you're constantly distracted by body things you're self-conscious about that are totally normal. I mean, if you're anything like me, there are a million things you need to find time to think about and do in a day, yet somehow there's always plenty of time and opportunity for some prime self-conscious body hate. But it's so unnecessary.

I'm sure you've heard the "all bodies are beautiful bodies" stuff by now, and I'm also sure that half the time you were super inspired and the other half of the time you eye rolled so hard that your contacts got lost in your brain. Human beings are fragile creatures at times, and I'm among the most fragile, so no shame. Still, I'm going to have to remind you that most of the stuff you're self-conscious about is just totally normal body stuff. It's stuff that happens no matter what. It's the stuff of being a human.

When you realize, and really take to heart, that so much of the things you worry about are unnecessary, then you'll really feel so much better about yourself. Plus you'll free up all that brain and heart space for, like, conquering nations and other boss stuff.

1. Your Arms

Tank tops, sun dresses, sleeveless everything — this is a world you totally get to live in if you want to, no matter what size or shape your arms may be. I know so many people who won't ever show their upper arms, and who are uncomfortable in the heat, or limited in their fashion options, all because they don't like their arms. It's totally normal for your arms to look soft and wide, no matter what shape or size you are, just because they lay flat against your body. You have arms! We all have arms. We all have arms that look totally different at certain angles. It's not worth wasting the emotional energy on.

2. Your Arm Hair

While we're on the subject of arms, let's talk about arm hair. Arm hair is a spectrum. On one end, there's those of us with a nice, thick pelt. On the other end lies the smooth and hairless. Here's the thing: all are normal. Hair is just hair. You have no control over where it grows. And if you don't like having arm hair, you can always remove it. Also, I can honestly say that I've never looked at a person and noticed or thought about their amount of arm hair. Just saying.

3. Your Lack Of Thigh Gap

If your lack of thigh gap is a serious problem, I have bad news for you. You may need to trade your lunges and squeezes for a plastic surgeon, because a thigh gap just isn't happening for some people, regardless of their size or level of fitness. The width and angle of your hips, the way your body naturally distributes fat, and the size and shape off your pelvis are just as much a determinant of whether or not you'll have a thigh gap as the number of exercises you do. Some super thin women don't have them. Some plus sized women totally do. May this inspire you to lay this thigh gap madness to rest.

4. Your Breast Size & Shape

Did you know it's totally normal to have two different sized breasts? I'm rocking a large B cup on the left and a small C cup on the right. I used to think that it was unfair for me to be plus sized and not to have super huge boobs. But, you know what? I had no control over how my body developed. You don't ever have to feel self conscious about your chest size. When someone criticizes you, what are they really saying? "Hey, you suck at controlling the growth of things whose growth you have no control over!" Psh.

5. Your Dimply Thighs

Dimply thighs are the cutest. Still, people spend lots of hard-earned money every day on creams and rollers and surgeries to get rid of "cottage cheese" or "lumpy" thighs. Again, this is something you have little control over. It's a totally normal thing that people of all shapes and sizes deal with.

6. Your Breakouts

Sometimes I curse at the mirror saying, "I am in my 30s! How do I have a face like a teenage boy who doesn't shower?" It's the worst. But it's not like I get breakouts because I roll around in filth and store my spare change in my pores. It happens because of hormonal changes, makeup, sweating, and life. And it's totally normal. Makeup can hide it. But you don't have to hide it. It is what it is, and you're gorgeous whether you have breakouts or not. Plus people don't focus on them (or care about them) as much as you think they do. And if they do, then you should probably get better, nicer friends.

7. Your Weird Toe

Do you have a weird toe? I had an uncle who hated his weird toe so much that he showered in socks. True story. If you run a lot, wear a lot of nail polish, take certain kinds of medication, or just have weird toe genetics, then you might have a black, yellow, or crusty looking toe nail, or some crooked toes. Totally normal and totally treatable (if it's a problem for you). Otherwise, this is why the universe invented closed-toe shoes.

8. Your Hairline

Most of my life, I lived in a happy state of ignorant bliss about my hairline. Then I read online somewhere about people who were self conscious about their hairlines and suddenly mine was all wrong. My neck is too hairy. My sideburns are too long. The spots above my forehead are too thin. Its madness. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the way that my body naturally makes hair. There was nothing wrong with my hairline most of my life. It wasn't until someone told me of this madness that it became a problem. Don't let me be this person for you. Let me be the person who reminds you that there's nothing wrong with your hairline and it's not worth worrying about.

9. Your Genitals

Genitals take a lot of flack for being something we don't spend a lot of time showing other people. It's not like most of us are at work, standing around the water cooler like, "Hey, check out my lady garden." Yet we think our vaginas are too flappy, too loose, too big, too external, too hairy, and too smelly. We think penises are too small, too wide, not wide enough, or too crooked. I mean, I could go on. It's all silly. If your stuff works, and you're healthy, then the rest is all normal. Of course, I'm not talking about intersex or transgender people who have legitimate reasons to complain about their genitals (if they want to). I'm just saying most of us are lucky enough to be able to opt out of the junk-shaming game. Whatever we're rocking is most likely totally normal.

Can we stop finding things to hate about ourselves and think more about things to love about ourselves? Like, my size 24 booty is bangin'. Legit. And I have cool purple hair. More of this, please. Thanks.

Images: Pexels (10)