7 Things That Happen If You Shave Your Arms — PHOTOS

Full disclosure: I've been shaving my arms since fifth grade. I don't regret this decision, but if you're considering taking the plunge (er, razor glide?), brace yourself for the things that happen if you shave your arms. It's a much bigger commitment than shaving your legs, so be sure you really want to keep up with it!

Admittedly, I'm not sure how much I'd mentally processed what shaving my arms would mean as a fifth grader. All I remember was some mean kid in my class named John Wayne (real original) told me I had gorilla arms one day at recess. My eleven-year-old psyche was literally shattered, and that was the first time I recall being truly self-conscious about my body.

Since my mom had let me start shaving my legs that year, I asked her if I could shave my arms, too. She warned me that I could never stop once I started, and that I should think really hard about it. Obviously I spent all of eight seconds pondering a lifetime of arm shaving and decided to do it. Looking back, I definitely think it was silly to give that freaking mean kid so much power over how I felt about myself, but I do love my silky smooth arms. So, thanks?

If you're going to dive into the world of shaving your arms, make sure you're prepared for what could happen!

1. Stubble

OK, this is obvious, but I certainly didn't think about it as a fifth grader. When you shave your arms, there is a high probability that arm stubble will pop up after a few days. You'll want to shave frequently to avoid that from happening, which is the where the whole "once you start you can't stop" mentality comes from. I mean, of course I could grow my arm hair back out, but the process would be soooooo itchy.

2. Razor Burn

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Arms are even more tempting to dry shave since you don't have to bend over and do any shower yoga to shave them, but control the urge! Dry shaving puts you at a much bigger risk for razor burn, shared Pop Sugar. And from personal experience, I can assure you it ain't pretty on your forearms.

3. Elbow Nicks

Elbows are essentially miniature knees. IMO it's even easier to nick your elbows since the angle is weird, so follow other Bustle writers' advice and take your time when shaving.

4. Ingrown Hairs

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As mentioned in Allure, not exfoliating your arms beforehand is basically like asking for ingrown hairs. I always opt for a moisturizing exfoliant that also helps soften up my hairs before I go after them with a razor.

5. Dry Skin

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WebMD noted how shaving can dry out skin, so treat your arms like your legs and always moisturize after.

6. You Might Consider Alternatives

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If you're not wanting to deal with the short, annoying stubble, you'll start tossing around the idea of waxing your arms or considering laser hair removal. I personally would recommend laser, but it's a substantial financial commitment.

7. You Will Feel Uncontrollable Happiness When It Goes Well

Just like the blissful moment when your freshly-shaved legs hit silky sheets, your arms will experience that every time you slide on a shirt and nothing snags. #Praise

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