7 Reasons Romance Readers Make The Best Partners

Everyone already knows that book nerds make the best friends, but what kind of reader do you want to be in a romantic relationship with? Everyone has different tastes, but we all want someone smart, sensitive, and strong, all reasons why romance readers make the best partners. If you're going to date a reader, better make it a romance one.

Romance readers, though each unique in their own way, have a few things in common. They love strong, powerful women, they appreciate a little adventure, they aren't shy about their sexual needs, and, of course, they're all suckers for true love. Their reading habits have nourished an ability to see the bright side of every situation, and they don't mind putting in some elbow grease to make it to their happy ending — especially after reading story after story about the hard work it takes to create a healthy relationship. Romance readers know what love is, how to express it, and how to help it grow. What more could you want out of a partner?

In case you had any doubt, here are 7 reasons romance readers make the best romantic partners. The real question is, what have you been waiting for?

1. They believe in true love.

Romance readers spend their down time submersed in other people's love stories. They love being surrounded by love, and they can't wait to find it for themselves. Call it soul mates, call it destiny, call it 'meant to be' — whatever the terminology, romance readers truly believe in it. If you're lucky enough, you might fall for a romance reader yourself.

2. They go for what they want, and don't settle for less.

Romance readers, like the heroines of romance novels themselves, know what and who they want, and they go after exactly that. Whether it's a certain book they want to check off their reading list or a partner they believe to be their soul mate, romance readers understand that it takes hard work and determination to get what they want, and they won't accept anything less.

3. They're strong, powerful, and confident people.

Everyone has different tastes in what they want from a partner, but there are some qualities everyone can appreciate, and romance readers have an important one: they understand that a healthy relationship is about two strong characters who mutually love and respect each other. There's nothing sexier than confidence, right?

4. They aren't afraid of second chances.

There are many different kinds of romance novels, but one of the most beloved is the second chance love story. Romance readers are suckers for lost love reuniting, and they believe in giving it another chance to not only the characters in their favorite books, but people in real life too. Sure makes messing up in a relationship with a romance reader easier, huh?

5. They aren't shy in bed.

If you're lucky enough to land yourself a romance reader who enjoys her fair share of erotica, you're in for a seriously sexy good time. Romance novel lovers have read it all and know how to let loose and have fun in the bedroom — or wherever the mood takes them.

6. They have great date ideas.

Hot air balloon rides, evenings at the carnival, European backpacking, beach getaways — romance novels aren't only good stories, but they're also good fodder for date ideas. If your partner is a romance reader, you can thank their romance TBR pile for your amazing dates, fun vacations, and romantic evenings.

7. They want a happy ending.

It's easy to be cynical in today's world, but romance readers know how to stay positive. Thanks to the endless amount of happily ever afters they've read, they have an unbreakable belief in a happy ending of their own. What does that mean for their partner? That no matter the fights, no matter the struggles, your romance reading partner will work hard for your happy ending. What could be better in a partner than that?

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