Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg Are Hosting A Show

Hold the DIY decoupage phone. Two of the most unlikely co-hosts are about to embark on a television talk show together, and it is a pairing that we definitely need to talk about. Silence your phones. Set your out of office message to busy. We have to take a minute to talk about the fact that Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are hosting a weekly talk show, and they are doing it together. That’s right, Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party is set to premiere on VH1 this fall. But if you don't know how Stewart and Snoop Dogg met and became close enough friends to sign on to a dinner party show together, you’re not alone. That was my first question.

I basically spent a good seven minutes furrowing my brow and shaking my head when I heard the news, as if staring sideways at a computer could make this confounding thing make even more sense. Because, let’s be real, Stewart and Snoop Dogg sound like the unlikeliest of pairs ever. It turns out, though, that this isn’t a match made out of complete surprise.

Snoop and Stewart have been fostering a professional and personal relationship for quite some time. The two were more recently seen on $100,000 Pyramid together, and if their dinner party hosting skills are anything like their pyramid skills, this show is going to be a complete hit.

In addition to their stint on $100,000 Pyramid, the celebrity duo both killed it at Justin Bieber’s roast on Comedy Central last year, and Snoop Dogg has been a frequent guest on Stewart’s talk show. Of their connection, The Hollywood Reporter reports that Snoop Dogg said, "My homegirl, Martha, and I have a special bond that goes back.” So while they might not seem the likeliest of pairs, they’ve definitely known each other and been friendly for quite some time.

And can I just say, I kind of love the idea of this show? Especially because, with Stewart’s stunning kitchen skills and Snoop’s connections in Hollywood, I have a feeling that Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party is going to bring both class and celebrity to the television talk show circuit.