15 Purr-fect International Cat Day Memes

I'm told that the best way to celebrate International Cat Day is to look at International Cat Day memes on the interwebs. A wise scholarly community, known as Twitter, shared this intel with me. Personally, I don't like cats. I don't really understand them, they don't make sense to me, I don't speak their language and I'm kind of scared of them — like, WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?! But as a human on this planet, I'm well aware of the cat-frenzy that's grown over the last few years. #Cats are trending.

The divide between cat people and dog people has grown as deep and tumultuous as the divide between Democrats and Republicans. The internet has acted as a platform to raise the arguments between both species, creating a place for the people to become divided more than unified. So as someone who prefers the dog filter and the dog emojis and the dog memes, I'm considered really far left of the spectrum of the quad-pawed, domesticated furry friends.

But while International Cat Day might feel as impersonal to me as I feel as a Jew on Christmas, I can appreciate the internet candor around cats. They're pretty cute in memes and cat lovers are pretty entertaining. So while I'm the farthest thing from a cat person — I literally just kissed my dog on his head in case he felt betrayed by my writing this article — I can appreciate a good cat meme like anyone. These are some of today's best:


A Vine favorite, the "Yas" cat whose sass seems always applicable. Also, TBH, I'm not entirely convinced this is a voiceover. I'm willing to believe the cat speaks. It seems right.

Olympic Cat

Because apparently cats are super into the sports — at least TV tennis. As someone who doesn't like cats or sports, I will admit that a cat attempting to interfere with a tennis match through the TV is watchable.

Because, Fine.

Sleeping cats are cute cats, especially kitty cats who don't understand how their bodies work yet. I'll give it to this cat, it's adorbs.


They're a much more tolerable and exciting breed when dressed up as fan favorites, IMHO.

Taylor In 10 Years

But also maybe all of us in 10 tears, TBH.

Guilty Cat

So much funnier than scaredy cat!

Sunday Nights Tho

I will say that cats are pretty good at showing dramatic reenactments of human emotions.

Cats, They're Just Like Us!

They stalk their exes online.

This Makes Sense

OK, I can see why a cat might be useful. A plush phone-holder for gaming in bed.

Mondays Are Like

Walking a cat. Totally useless.

Face Swap Horror

Honestly though, only a cat-lover would think this was cute and not terrifying.

Is This Pizza?

This must be pizza. This honestly looks like me with pizza. One point for cats.

This Is Me

Any given day of the work week. Because cats are lazy, too.

This Cat's A Realist

When you think sports are so boring that you literally don't even know when they're happening.

And Then This

Because if Portlandia likes cats, maybe I like cats, too.

Image: Pexels