Photo of 'Bachelor Pad' 2014 Cast Will Make Free Spirit & Brooks Forester Fans Very Happy

The Bachelor may be ending Monday night with Juan Pablo Galavis finally having his last episode as "El Bachelor," but there are always new Bachelor spin-offs waiting in the wings. There's The Bachelorette which should be ready for summertime, and then there's Bachelor Pad. The show that takes cast offs from seasons past, throws them together in a mansion, and has them compete for $250,000 all while dodging, or giving into, sloppy make out sessions. The show went without a season last year, but it looks like that won't be the case in 2014. Bachelor Pad's new cast has been decided if we're to believe Instagram pics from Lucy "The Free Spirit" Aragon and Brooks "Omg He's So Normal" Forester.

As you can see in the picture above — well, you could see better if the guys weren't all wearing sunglasses — Lucy the Free Spirit from the current season of The Bachelor is hanging out with Brooks, Robert, Zack, and Michael, all from the most recent season of The Bachelorette. And as if that wasn't enough, Lucy captioned the photo "Living with my bitches #live @zackkalter @rgraham24 @brooksaforester @mgarofol #sandbag #bachelorpad14 #selfie #pullingparty." Do I know what half of those hashtags mean? No. Is she wearing shorts? Doesn't look like it. Is Lucy the Free Spirit in a picture with Brooks that is tagged "bachelorpad14?" Yes, and that's all that matters.

It's unclear if the show is filming yet or if it's even through with casting, but it does look pretty certain that these four guys and Lucy are headed to the mansion. It's not surprising AT ALL that Lucy wants to participate, she seems down for anything and living life to the fullest (even if that means live-tweeting the Bachelor finale for Bustle!), but some of these men were less predictable. Brooks seemed like someone who would stay off of television forever following his break up with Desiree. Zack I remember from being Zack With A C instead of Zak Without A C aka Shirtless Zak. Michael... isn't memorable. Sorry, dude. And Robert was the Nate Archibald-looking shy one. Anddddd I'm just realizing they should ditch the show and have a boy band.

Here's some more photo evidence that Bachelor Pad is coming soon!

Images: Lucy Aragon/Instagram; Brooks Forester/Instagram