Who Was The Yellow King on 'True Detective'? 8 Theories You'll Want to Read

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How’s everyone doing? Have you recovered from the True Detective Season 1 finale yet? Has your heart rate gone from “SERIOUSLY GET OFF THE TREADMILL” back down to “Mmmmm warm apple pie”? Okay, good good. Let’s spike it back up again with one huge burning question we still have left from the finale: Who or what was the Yellow King?

Maybe we were all a little too distracted by the hatchet throwing, the flower-making, and the gut-wrenching final monologue of Rust Cohle to wrap our heads around the fact that the finale didn’t necessarily answer the series’ greatest mystery. They did indeed catch the bad guy and we know our (anti) heroes shockingly survived the gruesome ordeal. However, the whole unraveling the truth of the Yellow King wasn’t wholly realized. Not to mention the fact that the show pointed out that there are still more killers out there attached to the story who have yet to be found and the Tuttles weren’t brought to justice.

And since we know Rust and Marty won’t be returning from Season 2, all we are do is left to wonder. Here are our theories on the Yellow King.

Image: True Detective/HBO

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