4 Engagement Ring Shopping Hacks

Finding the ring of you or your partner's dreams is an exciting but also somewhat daunting task. From discovering their ring size to finding out what their dream ring looks like, there are a lot of ins and outs of preparing to ring shop. These four engagement ring shopping hacks for finding the ring of your or their dreams are going to hopefully take some of the anxiety of ring shopping away. After all, this should be one of the most beautiful days of your life, why not make it stress free?

Thankfully, Bustle has some experts who are weighing on the best engagement ring shopping hacks. Brittany Bozmoski, Director of Marketing for Diamond Nexus, took a moment to speak with Bustle about how to make ring shopping a gorgeous experience. Diamond Nexus is one of the leading creators of alternative diamonds, and these ethical and beautiful stunners are definitely eye catching. These diamond simulants, made in the US, are markedly more affordable, equally as beautiful, and Diamond Nexus is here to help you shop. What's not to love?

So what are some of the secrets to engagement ring shopping? According to Bozmoski, being creative, exploring your options, and researching will allow you to get the diamond you've always wanted.

1. Establish Priorities

Bozmoski recommends starting the shopping process by asking yourself or your partner a few questions. She recommends, "First, what do you do with your hands? You need a ring that looks perfect in your real life. Second, what are your budget priorities in life?" Bozmoski explains that with Diamond Nexus, a perfect diamond is possible through their creation process. Your budget can be more meaningful. As an example, she explains if you place emphasis on purchasing a home, you can still get the perfect ring.

2. Investigate

Bozmoski also explains that investigating your options is an often overlooked process. She says, "Go investigate your options and don’t feel stuck with the same old options that dad and grandpa were stuck with. Technology has made great advances in the last 20 years. You wouldn’t choose from your dad’s cell phone options from 1985, so why would you be stuck with his engagement ring choices?"

3. Be Honest With One Another

Having a conversation with your partner about expectations is integral to successful shopping as often women may be dissatisfied with their engagement ring. She explains, "A surprisingly large number of women (about 70%) are not satisfied with their ring in some way, whether they couldn’t afford what they really wanted, didn’t find exactly what they were looking for, or just simply do not like the ring they ended up with."

4. Don't Forget The Set

The hack Bozmoski says is most often overlooked? Remembering that your engagement ring will be part of a set. She says, "Don’t forget you also have a wedding ring. Think about the rings as a unit buy it with your wedding band, bands or lack of bands in mind."

Images: Courtesy of Diamond Nexus