This Is How You Know You've Made A Work BFF

The friends who dominate your nights and weekends are irreplaceable, but the friends who get you through the workday are a lifesaver. In honor of these professional allies, a new BuzzFeed video highlights the magical bond between work BFFs, and how these friendships can help navigate obnoxious co-workers, soul crushing meetings, and after-hours crunch time.

Unlike other BFFs, the work BFF is a friend you might not ever hang out with outside the office. In fact, you might be so different that you have no other friends like them, and have more in common professionally than you do personally. Still, after you first lock eyes and complain about the same ridiculous project your boss schemed up, you know you're destined to have each other's back. And once you mutually decide to forge the work BFF blood oath (which usually involves a formal commitment ceremony via Gchat and a lunch date with drinks), there is no going back.

In short, the work BFF is no joke. When you see someone at least eight hours a day for five days a week year after year, you're often spending more time with them than with your partner and/or offsite besties. The work BFF is a friendship worth cherishing — because who else knows exactly what you go through on the job?

Images: BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube