These Kylie Bday Products Are Still Available!

There are "meh" leftovers, like last night's cold pizza. Then there are legit "leftovers," like amazing lip glosses! The Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition Collection, which features a maroon Leo Lip Kit, the gold Poppin Kylie Gloss and the Lord Metal Matte, a black nylon makeup bag with the dripping lips graphic, a Mini Matte set, and brand new eye products in the form of the Dark Bronze Kyliner Kit and two creme eyeshadows, restocked for the second-to-last time on Monday, August 8. Did the Bday Collection sell out?

Most of it did. The majority of Kylie Jenner's limited edition Birthday Collection, which features gilded packaging and tubes, is sold out. But there are some leftovers and they are anything but picked over consolation prizes! There are several products still available for purchase on the Kylie Cosmetics site. Stock is limited, so you will want to act fast if you can't wait for the final restock, which is slated for Wednesday, August 10. That's Jenner's 19th birthday.

What's still available?

Three items remain — the makeup bag, the Poppin Kylie Gloss, and the Lord Metal Matte liquid lippie. Ironically, this same trio of products remained after last week's restock.

Below is the screenshot from the Kylie Cosmetics site, which is the brand's sole sales platform. Scoop one of 'em up before they sell out... because they are going to.

Plus, who knows if you will be able to score any of these or anything else during the last restock?

The other six products, including the Birthday Bundle, are all sold out.

The packaging and the products are primo.

If the makeup bag or the gold lippies are not on your "must get" list and you are fine with waiting for the final restock, check out this greyed out Snap video. Jenner confirmed that her birthday would serve as the last restock before the collection is gone. Maybe she will eventually bring it back for a limited reprise? You never know.

Jenner also posted this Snap on Monday before the latest restock, noting there were two more chances. The Monday restock was the first of the two. BTW, is that one of the new Kylie Lip Kit shades, launching at the end of the month, on her lips? I think so. Why else would she use the greyed out filter?

We always knew that the Birthday Collection would be available up until Jenner's bday. You have just one more chance to grab the products. Or pick up the three still-shoppable piece.

Here's one last look at the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition Collection in all of its golden glory.

Images: Kylizzle Snapchats/Instagram (2); Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (3); Kylie Cosmetics (2)