Is Amanda Bynes Moving Out Of Her Parents' House And Committing To Adulthood?

It's hard being a twentysomething; claiming your adulthood is a victory! The marked sign of growing up is moving out (and in Hollywood, conquering rehab!), and Amanda Bynes is n ow moving stuff out of storage , which might very well mean she's doing just that. Is in change in store for the on-the-up-actress? The former tween star took a turn for the worse via some seriously notorious tweeting last year (sup, Drake) and some run-ins with the law (ya know, DUIs), but since has been attempting to revive her image with some family friendly tweets and a career in fashion merchandising. Things are legitimately looking up for Bynes, so if these pics that E! Online posted give any indication, it seems like she's moving stuff to maybe — just maybe — somewhere out on her own, like a real grown up lady who doesn't pierce her cheeks when she's sad. No one's said anything verbatim, but when stuff comes outta storage, that's a likely thing.

And anyway, that's what we hope. She's been doing a good job at revamping her image and picking herself back up, unlike some other starlet that we know of with a documentary that premiered last night...who, for the record, is having serious trouble getting a place of her own. Will Bynes beat her to it? Not that it's a competition or anything...

And if that's not the case, it seems like her folks are pretty supportive (they're carrying boxes with her! Go Mom and Dad!), and aren't turning way their formerly-in-rehab daughter. Perhaps they still believe in the days of asking Ashley! ...I know I do.

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