Is This Another 'GG' Pregnancy Clue?

by Emily Lackey

Either I am a crazy conspiracy theorist who has gone off the deep end, or there are some serious clues to read into the Gilmore Girls Instagram photos these days. The plate of Pop Tarts with one apple in the middle was one clue that sent my world spinning last week, but, when the most recent Gilmore Gram popped up in my feed, and I could see a certain prop in the background, I really started to think that these photos are clues to what will be happening. And I’ll just show my hand now: I really think that all of these clues are pointing to someone being pregnant in the Gilmore Girls revival.

Like I said, last week it was the one apple set apart on a plate full of Pop Tarts. Because, as every fan knows, apples are the thing that Lorelai craves and enjoys eating when she is pregnant. The caption to that photo, though, was also a reference to a previous episode, in which Lorelai presents Rory’s friends with Pop Tarts and an apple as an appetizer. Still, it was still enough of a nudge that the world erupted into theories about whether or not Rory or Lorelai would be pregnant in the Gilmore Girls revival. This latest publicity shot doesn’t do anything to quell those theories.

If anything it makes the analytic gears in my mind go into overdrive, because there is one very telling prop in this picture. It’s not the easiest thing to make out, but, if you look closely at the reflection in the mirror of the makeup palette, you’ll see what appears to be a stroller covered by a blanket.

A stroller, you guys. And once you see it, you can’t un-see it. What else could that thing in the doorway be? Trust me, I’m working hard to come up with an opposing argument to be all balanced and stuff, but I’m totally coming up blank. That thing looks so much like a stroller. Honestly, I would be shocked if it turned out to be anything else.

So what is a stroller doing in the doorway of what looks like one of the Gilmore's homes? Hopefully holding a new Gilmore baby. Who knows whether this would be Rory’s baby or Lorelai’s, but the fact that the stroller is there in plain sight could mean that the revival might contains more than just a pregnancy. It could contain a whole new generation of Gilmore girls. And that is something to excited about.

Image: Netflix