Here's Where To Get Crystal Pepsi Right Now

The minds of '90s food and beverage inventors were clearly tapping into something big with all those irresistibly gimmicky snacks that debuted during the decade: Think blue ketchup, lava lamp-esque juice, and that short-lived but much beloved favorite, Crystal Pepsi. And hey, guess what? PepsiCo has just made finding out where to get Crystal Pepsi a whole lot easier. Remember earlier in the summer when we received news that the clear soda would be coming back into stores for a limited time? Well, that limited time has finally arrived!

For eight weeks beginning Aug. 8 (so, yesterday, for everyone reading this on Tuesday, Aug. 9), interested consumers will be able to get Crystal Pepsi in their friendly local convenience stores, so long as they're a major chain. The spectacularly clear soda will be available at $1.79 for a 20 oz. bottle, a significant price drop from the '90s soda eBay market, where a 24-pack of bottles might go for upwards of $100.

This is not the first time that Crystal Pepsi has made an appearance on shelves this decade — in 2015, 13,000 six-packs were made available to those who entered a sweepstakes. This time around, not only is there a greater chance of getting your paws on a bottle, but an accompanying, Oregon Trail-style game called The Crystal Trail was launched on the website to celebrate it. You can play it right now. This very minute. Rad!

But back to the actual purchasing of bottles, which is obviously the most important element of this article. In a tip I learned from Heavy, there is in fact PepsiCo product locator that will help you find where all the PepsiCo drinks might be found near where you live. Let's test this bad boy out, shall we?

1. Head to

And select "Carbonated Soft Drinks" as the Product Category. Someone once told me "soft drinks" originated as an identifier for "non-alcoholic" (because they're not hard, like liquor? Get it?), and every time I think about that, it makes my teeth feel weird.

2. Select "Crystal Pepsi" For The Product Subcategory

And marvel at all of the other drinks you never knew you needed until right this very moment. Stay strong! Stay focused! Mysterious clear fizzy stuff is on the line!

3. Select "Crystal Pepsi" For The Product Brand Category

My brand is Me, thank you so much.

4. Enter Your Zip Code

I'm not going to tell you exactly where to find me, but you get the idea.

5. And Behold! A List Of Crystal Pepsi Providers

A round of applause for all these fine retail locations! Now go out there and get yourself some bottled nostalgia!

Images: PepsiCo (6); Giphy