Simone & Adria Biles Could Seriously Be Twins

The Olympics are about so much more than winning medals. Yes, that is a huge part, as is the athletes competing and finally showing off their training from over the years on the biggest stage possible. But the games are also about different cultures coming together uniting during a worldwide event that inspires many. And it's also about family, which I think many of the Olympians would agree with me on. If you take the time to read about some of the athletes participating at least in the 2016 Summer Olympics, you'll find that their families have helped them get to where they are today. The same can be said of U.S. gymnast Simone Biles. Not only does she have some amazing parents, but her sister is also beyond fantastic. Actually, Simone Biles and her sister, Adria Biles, continuously show the true meaning of sisterhood.

As someone whose older sister is her best friend and couldn't imagine my life without her, to see the closeness and support between Simone and Adria strikes an emotional chord in me. Like Simone, her younger sister, Adria, is also a gymnast. Who knows if she'll follow in her sister's footsteps or even wants to go to the Olympics, but the fact that she has a talent and a passion is wonderful. Clearly, she and Simone also have that in common.

After scrolling through Simone's Instagram, there's no doubt she considers Adria her BFF. You can also tell that they don't take being sisters for granted and are a great example of how wonderful having a sister really is.

They Support One Another

Simone, you're making me feel things with your support. Also, anyone else think they look like twins?

They Love Each Other Unconditionally

And that caption? This is what sisterhood is about.

They Have Girls' Night Out

A must when you have a sister.

They Have Made Amazing Memories

The cuteness is real.

They're All About Celebrating Special Moments

Seriously, they are adorable.

They Never Forget About Family

Family is everything to them.

They Have "Sister Sunday"

I'm stealing this.

If you don't have a sister and want one, just live vicariously through Simone and Adria.