'PLL' Adds Another Familiar Face To Season 7

by Kaitlin Reilly

I don't know about you guys, but if I grew up in a town that was notorious for unsolved murders, corrupt cops, and unrelenting stalkers, I would be thrilled to get out the second I could. The Liars may have their reasons for staying in Rosewood (that stalker, for example) but I'll never understand why anyone else who left would want to once again associate themselves with this hub of horror. Of course, that doesn't make Pretty Little Liars fans any less excited to see a familiar face returning to Season 7 of the series. So far, Jenna, Noel, and Jason have all made their triumphant return to Rosewood, and now, a new report has revealed we'll get another member of Jenna's squad back. According to Entertainment Weekly, Chloe Bridges, aka Sydney, is returning to Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars and now we're all left to wonder exactly why Sydney might be back.

Just in case you need a refresher on Sydney's significance on PLL, she is deeply connected to another returning character. Sydney was good friends with Jenna during her time in Rosewood, and basically acted as Jenna's "protector" when Alison came back to town. Both her and Jenna were convinced that Alison was the one who killed Mona, and though that turned out to be incorrect (mostly because, you know, Mona was really alive) Sydney still seemed very much on Jenna's side during her and Alison's blood feud. We haven't seen Sydney since Season 5, so why could she be back in town? Here are a few theories:

1. She's Returning To Help Jenna

Jenna had previously teamed up with Sara in Season 7 for something that connected back to Charlotte, but unfortunately, that didn't end so well for the former Red Coat. Now that Sara is dead, Jenna may need to call upon her old friend Sydney to help complete whatever game she's playing — and to once again act as her eyes.

2. She's Working For A Rival Swim Team

According to spoilers for the PLL episode "Exes And OMGs," Paige will return to Rosewood in order to interview for a coaching job with the Rosewood High School swim team, a job Emily is also up for. Perhaps Sydney, a swimmer, will also be in the high school coaching community, and someone that either Emily or Paige run into when they snag the coaching job.

3. She's Dating Noel

Noel is back in town in a big way — and could be totally evil. We also know that he has a thing for brunettes (Mona, Aria, Jenna...) and that he used to run in the same circle as Jenna did in high school. Could Noel bring his girlfriend Sydney back to Rosewood to help him out with whatever diabolical plan he has in store for the Liars?

4. She's Mary Drake's Other Child

We found out in Tuesday's episode "Original G'A'ngsters" that Mary had another child — a child she gave birth to after Charlotte. Though Sydney has never said anything about being adopted, there's a chance that she never actually knew she was. For all we know, the files found in Jessica's so-called "lair" could have been hidden to protect the child's true identity — which means that, technically, Sydney could still be in the running for Charlotte's sibling. Both Sydney and Mary share the dark hair and the ability to keep a lot of secrets, right?

Only time will tell why Sydney is back — but let's hope that her reason for returning to Rosewood is juicy.

Images: Giphy (3); newprettyboyinrileytown/Tumblr