Awesome Michael Phelps Memes From The Rio Olympics

by Emily Lackey

There isn’t anything quite like Michael Phelps’ face to launch a million memes. I’m not sure if his face is just that expressive and he doesn’t realize it, or if that is what happens when a camera follows you around for hours at a time — they’re bound to catch some pretty great moments. And no image has been quite as meme-worthy as Michael Phelps’ face. On Monday night, Michael Phelps’ go face — i.e. the face he had on as he listened to music and getting pumped for a race — spawned thousands of memes. But that moment, which will live in Olympic infamy, wasn’t the only moment during the games that have been meme-worthy. No, there have been a ton of Michael Phelps memes from the 2016 Rio Olympics, and each and every one of them is worthy of a gold medal.

Of course we don’t have space for all of them here. That is what your Twitter and Instagram feeds are for, people. But I’ve compiled the best Michael Phelps memes from the 2016 Olympics for your viewing pleasure. Because, I get it. You’re busy. There are Olympic games to watch. Who has time to gather up all of those memes and pick the best of the bunch?

So you just leave that to me. I got your Michael Phelps memes covered, boo.

First of all, the Michael Phelps memes span a number of days and a number of moods. Like these more serious memes that people have been posting since Tuesday night like some sort of inspirational quote:

Of course there were countless memes of Michael Phelps’ face. There are too many to include here, but these are definitely some of the best:

And then, for the really creative meme-makers out there, there were the crossover memes. These are my favorite by far, because it requires a whole other level of current events know-how to make these memes happen:

And because there were more Michael Phelps memes than any one person could count, the reactions to those memes filling up the newsfeed were even more special:

So a round of applause for the Internet, please, for making the Olympics even more amazing than they already are. If anyone could do it, it would be you.