Watch Donald Trump Change His Mind On Basically Everything In 5 Minutes — VIDEO

There once was a theory that Donald Trump was a Democratic mole, planted into the Republican Party to all but hand the election over to Hillary Clinton. But after a year of campaigning, coupled with the increasingly dangerous things Trump spews on the daily, that theory is likely bogus. But that doesn't stop Trump from being an opportunist — meaning, he'll say what he needs to for his own momentary benefit, regardless of whether it contradicts with his previous positions. Because for all intents and purposes, Trump was once a Democrat, and as a new video shows, he at least is the president of flip-flopping.

The video "Trump Exposes Trump" points out one clear fact: Trump as a presidential candidate disagrees with just about every position Trump the businessman has ever had. The montage shows Trump praising the Clinton family in one clip, while tearing them down in the next. The same goes for his views on abortion rights, health care, immigration, and even whether he identifies as a Republican or Democrat. (In 1999, he said in a MSNBC interview that "the Republicans were just too crazy" for him to get behind, and again reiterated his Democratic leanings in a 2004 interview.)

PlainSight on YouTube

While the video spans the years, some clips show his contradictions more immediately on the campaign trail. In a primary debate, he said that "wages were too high" and he would not raise the minimum wage. Just a couple of months later, he assured voters he would raise it.

His tendency to change his mind on just about everything is definitely funny in some parts of the video, but in others, it highlights some dangerous discrepancies. As seen in his position with Japan and nuclear weapons, Trump seems to have little understanding of the seriousness of weapons of mass destruction, and despite once claiming that he could be "the most politically correct person you've ever seen," he continues to encourage violence at his own rallies.

Of course, politicians undergo changes, and are certainly allowed to evolve their positions over time. But all politicians have some tried-and-true convictions: Clinton, for instance, has always been a champion for women's rights, while Bernie Sanders has spent decades campaigning for better conditions for workers. Trump, on the other hand, seems to hold no such position. Perhaps the only value he's held throughout the years is a desire to receive more attention, and is now using American voters to get just that.