How Kylie Influenced Kendall Jenner's Makeup Game

There's no denying that Kendall Jenner looks absolutely fierce wherever she goes. Whether she's an off-duty supermodel or posing for the front cover of Vogue, Kendall Jenner's fashion and beauty sense is seriously on point. And while her looks are always consistent and flawless, there is something that Jenner explained about her makeup that may be surprising to some. Not only does she borrow from her sister's closet once in a while, but Kendall Jenner also revealed that Kylie has affected her beauty outlook. Yes, Kendall Jenner totally credits her sister Kylie Jenner for inspiring her beauty looks. I think it's so cute and basically the epitome of sisterly love.

She spilled it all on her app, saying, "In terms of what we've learned from each other throughout the years, she makes me want to be more experimental with my beauty looks. On the flip side, I try to teach her things all the time but she doesn't listen to me!"

I mean, it totally makes sense to me now. Kylie Jenner has definitely had a lot more experimental, pushing-the-boundary sort of style while Kendall likes to keep it minimal and laid-back. But now that she revealed this little secret, it makes sense as to why she has experimented with more drastic looks in the past (which were completely amazing by the way).

Need some examples?

Remember the time she wore bright red lipstick with her short bob for a more retro feel? Total Kylie Jenner vibes.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

...Or when she went for a smoky eye with a bold lip look:

I also really loved the heavy eyeliner look on Jenner as well:

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And we definitely can't forget the time Kendall Jenner rocked the cat eye:

Or went for a bangs and bun hair look:

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm hoping that the supermodel goes for many more experimental looks in the future, because they all totally have paid off. Maybe Kylie-inspired hair colors, too? That would be amaze.

To learn more about Kendall and Kylie's close relationship, head to Kendall's app here.