Too Faced x Kat Von D Collab Is A 2-For-1 Deal

by Kali Borovic

Even when the Too Faced x Kat Von D Beauty collab was just a concept, people knew it would be great. Now it's finally here, and it's anything but your typical collection. While the two makeup empires have teamed up to bring fans an entire line of beauty fun, people are a little confused by the heart-shaped Better Together eyeshadow palette. Can you buy each half of the shadow heart separately, you ask? Well, here's the beauty breakdown.

First there were tons of sneak peeks that told us everything and nothing all at the same time. Then there was a blurry photo of the main makeup products. Now the entire Better Together collection is finally here, but that doesn't mean that everything is completely clear. According to the Kat Von D Beauty and Too Faced Instagram accounts, each company designed half of a heart eyeshadow palette that magnetically clicks together. Each side has six different shadow shades in it, which makes pretty extravagant packaging for just twelve shades.

Apparently, the palette really is better together. According to Kat Von D Beauty's Instagram, when you purchase the Better Together Ultimate Eye Palette you'll get both halves of the heart a Better Than Sex Mascara, and a Tattoo Liner all for $65, according to Allure. That's a whole lot of bang for your buck, people!

That does mean that you can't just buy the half of the palette if you prefer one side, but I mean, c'mon — you need the whole thing. Whether you wear bold makeup, stick to the neutrals, or are somewhere in-between, then this is the palette for you. It's got everything you could possibly need for one on-point eye look.

If the eyeshadow palette isn't enough for you, then you'll be happy to know that there are even more products as well. There's a double-sided makeup bag and even some travel-sized pairings, according to Allure.

Although the news has officially broke about the collab, you still have a bit longer to wait. The entire collection will launch on Dec. 26, so you can use all your saved up holiday money to buy it. Winter can't come soon enough!

Image: katvondbeauty/Instagram (1)