You Need To See This Aly Raisman TBT

There are some people who, as children, have lofty ideas about their futures — and then there's Aly Raisman. Case-in-point: Tech Insider managing editor Emily Cohn took to Twitter to share a flawless throwback photo of Raisman as a kid during her camp days, and if you read through the campers' "where I will be in 20 years" section, you will see Raisman correctly predicted she would be an Olympic gymnast. In fact, it didn't even take her the full 20 years to accomplish her dreams. Clearly, little Raisman never lost her ambition and now she is taking home a silver medal for best all-around gymnastic performance at the age of 22.

Not too long ago, Raisman was spending her summer at camp hanging with the bunk 5L girls and dreaming about the Olympics — and now, Raisman's dreams are a reality. I honestly did not know it was possible to admire Raisman more than I already did, but somehow her epic camp throwback photo adds to Raisman's status as a modern day sports heroine.

At 22, Raisman is the oldest member of the Final Five and the team's captain. She has now led the U.S. women's gymnastics team to gold medal victory at the London and Rio Olympics, and her parents have become a trending meme. When it comes to confidence, skill, and leadership ability, Raisman is in a league of her own, and clearly, she started honing her skills at an early age.

Mind you, back when Raisman was at camp, the availability of Hot Pockets and getting to dance with Brennan were important issues as well. Even future champion Olympians have to make time for gym sleepovers with their summer pals. More than anything, this tiny peek into Raisman's past is a reminder to dream big no matter how old you are, put in the hard work, and then turn your dreams into a reality.

What I'm saying is, don't worry Mikayla, there is still time for you to become the greatest dancer/soccer player/actress the world has ever seen. Raisman is proof there is no such thing as a dream that is too big, as long as you have the commitment and passion to see it through.