Caleb's Life Is In Danger On 'Pretty Little Liars'

As usual, the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars was full of twists, turns, and shocking moments. Noel Kahn is officially back in Rosewood and acting creepier than ever, Mary Drake has another child, the storm cellar blew up, and, in a twist that literally everyone saw coming, Nicole is alive. But, I would argue that the most shocking moment of the hour didn't come during the episode itself — it was in the trailer for the Aug. 16 episode, "Exes and OMGs." The promo shows Caleb being struck by a car driven by Noel Kahn — I hate to even entertain the possibility, but could Caleb really die on Pretty Little Liars?

I promised myself I wouldn't panic over this teaser, but I just can't help it. Don't worry, I. Marlene King, I'm gonna let you finish — but Pretty Little Liars fans have suffered through a lot during the series. And now that Hanna and Caleb are both single, are we seriously going to be deprived of the Haleb reunion we've all been waiting for? Plus, shipping aside, Caleb is one of the most beloved characters on this show and it would be absolutely heartbreaking to see him killed. In case you missed it, here's a look at the promo:

After watching the promo on a loop, I think that it's highly unlikely Caleb will die. First of all, character deaths on Pretty Little Liars are meant to be shocking and I highly doubt King would show her hand a full week in advance. And, let's take a closer look at the moment Caleb is hit. He's absolutely injured and unconscious, but that definitely doesn't mean he's dead. Hanna, who is lying on the opposite side of the street, begins screaming — but she's not close enough to Caleb to check his pulse or clearly see his injuries.

It's also possible that this is a dream sequence — before the crash, the promo shows Hanna repeatedly saying that Noel is definitely A.D. After hitting Caleb with his car, Noel looks directly at Hanna with an evil smile on his face — so, she could be having a nightmare. After all, the crash scene does make it seem like showrunners are trying a little too hard to lead everyone to believe that Noel is A.D.

Lastly, let's take a look at a few Snapchats that Tyler Blackburn posted from the set:

Caleb appears to be in the hospital in these snaps, so I think the most likely possibility is that he's injured but alive. And, who knows? Perhaps this near-death experience will cause Caleb and Hanna to rekindle their romance sooner rather than later.

Image: Freeform