Kim Kardashian's 'Selfie' Book Has A Cute Update

by Eliza Florendo

Kim Kardashian West: Reality TV personality, media mogul, actress, socialite, businesswoman, model, and most importantly, selfie taker, which she turned into her very own book. Now, Kim Kardashian is updating Selfie, but not just with photos of her $150 million dollar self. This shiny new update is going to have photos of her two children, North and Saint West, making it the cutest update to her book.

Smart move on Kimmy's part to update it with new photos! I definitely want a copy of the new version. Kim posted a photo on Instagram on Friday of what looks like the new cover of her book. In the photo, she's making her classic kissy face with long hair, and looks like an older photo in her archive. In the caption, she mentioned that there are two more chapters being added.

Rumors swirled whether her original selfie book, Selfish, didn't sell as many copies as expected. But I can tell you, I totally added to the number of sales. According to Complex, the update will include 120 more selfies, 64 new pages, and photos of North and Saint West.

This is a huge deal, since Kim and Kanye rarely show off photos of Saint. Though we've seen North's killer outfits all over social media, we haven't seen much of Saint at all. I believe there's only a couple of photos of him swirling the Internet. Kim posted another photo on Instagram. In her platinum blonde braids, she's holding up Saint while baby North sits behind them on the couch.

Classic Kimmy face, right?

How cute are those two in there? Though there have been other versions of Selfish released with different covers, as well as a holiday edition, this update seems to be the biggest. And I have a feeling she will continue to release more editions as time goes on. After all, the queen of selfies will never stop!

Right now, there are 448 pages in the original version. With 64 new ones, it'll add the page count up to 512 pages. That's a lot of selfies! We're hoping that these new pages will also include some of Kimberly's hilarious captions she had in her first edition.

Kimmy, you've done it again. She never fails to show us her hustle, and she is one savvy business woman. Watch out, Selfish, I'm coming for you, again!