Nick Viall May Be Plotting Something On 'BiP'

If you’re a longtime Bachelor Nation viewer like myself, you know by now that Nick Viall is quite the familiar face. He’s been on The Bachelorette twice (and got his heart smashed to bits twice), and now he’s trying his luck at Bachelor In Paradise. Rumors are swirling about how many couples get engaged after Bachelor In Paradise, and Nick and a lucky lady may be one of them. Does Nick Viall propose on Bachelor In Paradise ? One of the promos did show him looking at a wedding ring...

We first met Nick on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette, where he battled Josh Murray for Andi’s heart and ultimately lost. How funny again, then, that he is stuck back in the same house with Josh and battling over Amanda Stanton (I think Josh won that battle, too)! Nick also famously asked Andi on national television why they “made love” in the Fantasy Suite if she knew she was going to dump him. That didn’t win him many points. Then, Nick invaded Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette in like Week 5 or so and made it all the way to the end… only to propose and get his heart smashed again. Is Nick a hopeless romantic or just a glutton for punishment?

Now we've seen in previews that Nick may start something up with Jen, but should that also go awry I think only one other thing can come out of Paradise: Nick is trying to set himself up to become the next Bachelor.

It’s not a stretch, if you think about it. Nick has been on three different Bachelor shows without a good outcome — by now, most will have moved on already. If Nick gets his heart smashed on Bachelor In Paradise (he very well could, as his track record is so crummy), it’s the perfect set-up to him becoming the next Bachelor. Oh, Andi broke his heart. Oh, Kaitlyn broke his heart. Oh, Amanda and/or Jen broke his heart. Nick needs to be in charge of his own destiny and choose the woman that he wants to date! Really, people will feel badly for Nick after BiP, and sympathy is a great way to get on television.

But would Nick make a good Bachelor? I’m a Nick Viall fan, so yeah, I think he would. Bachelor Nation producers use old contestants to fill up new shows anyway, so why not someone that Bachelor Nation fans know really well? Even the people who hate Nick will want to watch his season of The Bachelor to see if he can come in runner up on his own season. Schadenfreude aside, Nick Viall as the Bachelor is a win-win situation for Nick, Chris Harrison, and ABC network.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; Giphy (2)