Will Victor Use The PoV On Paulie On ‘BB18'?

It’s the question I ask myself every single week of Big Brother fandom: Will the Power of Veto winner use it on one of the two nominated houseguests? Except this week the question is complicated by the long summer and the number of alliances that have been made and broken during it. Because — spoiler alert — Victor wins the Power of Veto this week, and, with Corey and Paulie both on the block, whether or not he uses it could be a huge game changer for the house. So will Victor use the Power of Veto on Paulie this week? Given their long bromance and their tight alliance, it could make or break their stronghold on the house.

It’s going to be a tough decision for Victor to make either way. With two of his strongest allies on the block, nominating one might doom the other. Think about it: No one seems like quite as big a threat as these two guys do in the house these days. Anyone else who was nominated in their place would likely be nominated as a pawn to ensure the other guy gets voted out. So there’s that.

But there’s also the fact that Paulie is actually gunning for Victor to use the Power of Veto on Corey.

No, I didn’t get their names wrong. That is actually a thing that is happening in the house these days, because Paulie refuses to campaign against Corey. As long as the two of them are there together, he recently told Victor, he won’t campaign the house to keep him there. But, if he gets Corey off the block, then he could at least fight for the right to stay. It would go against their alliance, I guess?

But that’s a pretty pricey bromance. Not campaigning to send Corey home could cost Paulie $500,000 in the long run. Cover your eyes, friends of mine, but I can’t imagine risking $500,000 for any friendship, let alone a friendship that was made only weeks ago and in a house where betrayal is the name of the game.

But I don’t think Paulie is necessarily sitting back and taking it for the sake of his friendship with Corey. I think he’s actually doing something pretty clever, and that’s setting himself up as the most loyal guy in the house. If Victor believes that Paulie wouldn’t campaign against someone in their alliance, and Victor is in that alliance, he might be thinking it’s a better deal to save Paulie from the block. That’s a risky move to make for either of them to make, though, and not one I’m convinced Victor will go through with. Especially since Paulie was the one who nominated Victor and got him evicted the first time around.

This could be a tricky moment for the house, but an even trickier one for the bromances that have been running rampant around Season 18.

Image: CBS (3)