18 Funny "Pokemon Go" Halloween Costumes Ideas

It's never too early to start thinking about your Halloween costume. Before you know it, the holiday will be upon you, and scrambling to find something in your closet is never ideal. This Halloween you don't need to look for inspiration any further than this list of funny "Pokemon Go" Halloween costume ideas. You'll be both topical and funny, two things we all aspire to be around the holidays.

Since Pokemon has basically overtaken everything in our lives, from phones to food, you have a plethora of things to choose from! Mark my words, you don't want to be left out! But here is the thing ... just because everyone is going as a Pokemon-themed thing, doesn't mean you can't be original. In fact, it means you should be more original.

The options below are some costumes that will make you giggle, and some that will make you scratch your head in confusion before it "clicks". Just make sure that you are putting your original spin on anything you put on and you'll be set. Being the life of the party is all about having fun. You can be wearing a plastic bag but if you have confidence people will just assume that you are rocking a dope costume look.

1. "Pokemon Go" Tracker

This will be the hit of the party, since everybody and their mother downloaded "Pokemon Go" over the summer.

What You'll Need: The concept behind it is kind of like the Instagram costumes people sometimes wear on Halloween. You will need to cut a frame out of a cardboard box ($9.57, USPS) that is big enough at least show half your body. Stick a bunch of Pokemon stickers ($10.97, Build) on it and carry an arrow ($17.75, Etsy) that will point to a location of a Pokemon.

Images: Polyvore

2. Mom/Trainer & Her Pikachu

If you happen to have a baby handy when Halloween comes rolling around, or just have a plush toy of Pikachu available, this might just be the costume for you.

What You'll Need: You can either go dressed as yourself with an added bonus of wearing Ash Ketchum's hat (15.99, Amazon) or dress up like a famous Pokemon character/trainer. Then you can wrap a red scarf ($14, Dorothy Perkins) around your front like a baby sling and decorate it with Pokemon stickers to make it look like a Pokeball. Add a small Pokemon plush toy ($29.99, Amazon) as your "baby" and the transformation is complete.

Image: Polyvore

3. The Evolution Of Dugtrio

This costume is all about creativity, your knowledge of Pokemon evolution, and coordinating with friends. Couples costumes are nice, but friend costumes are even better!

What You'll Need: The look is pretty monochromatic, so you'll mostly need a brown dress ($17.05, Wearall) and a brown beanie ($14, LuxuryDivas) to start with. Add in some face makeup to create the signature pink nose and maybe over-draw the eyes. Finally, get yourself a grey tutu ($45.45, Etsy) to simulate the idea of moving through dirt and you are all set. Have your two other friends join you at the end of the night to complete the evolution of Diglett into Dugtrio.

Images: Polyvore

4. Sleepy Metapod

This is a perfect costume for anyone who is going to be outside in the winter cold (or wants to conk out early — no shame, lazy friends). It's basically like wearing a wonderful warm cocoon the entire time you are partying.

What You'll Need: This costume will require the use of scissors and double sided tape ($7, BooHoo). You'll want to buy a green sleeping bag (47.99, JCPenny) that you will cut arm holes and a face hole into. Then use the double-sided tape to tape down the corners of the top to create a more cone-like shape. Feel free to draw eyes with marker to complete the look.

Images: Polyvore

5. Team Rocket

This is the couples costume of the century. You'll get to be the badass comic relief that made us all laugh and cringe during the animated episodes of Pokemon.

What You'll Need: Team Rocket's look was based upon matching white crop top shirts ($9.99, Amazon) and white pants ($36.19, Nordstrom). You will need to use a red marker to draw the iconic block Rs on the front. You can also cut a small triangle on the bottom of the shirts to really authenticate them. Jessie sported red hair ($9.99, Amazon) which you will have to prop up into a side pony, and green earrings ($6.99, Bling Jewelry). James had luscious blue lock ($18.90, Yes Star) and a thick belt (34.99, Flannels). Top the look off with a plush Meowth toy (15.99, Japan LA) and you are going to kill it this Halloween.

Images: Polyvore

6. Pokemon "Jim"

This one will be more of a play on words kind of costume than anything else.

What You'll Need: This look is pure word-play. You'll need a red ensemble, mostly consisting of a red shirt ($19.99, Ebags) and red shorts ($52.00, BrandOutlet). Then add a white belt ($21, Macy's) to make yourself look like a Pokeball. The last thing you'll need is a name tag (Free, Name Tag) that you will write JIM on. Get it? You're a Pokemon JIM.

Image: Polyvore

7. Infinite Nurse Joys

The best part about this costume is that it's both for you and your friends. The whole joke factor is the fact that the nurse in the Pokemon series was just the same woman in every single town.

What You'll Need: Nurse Joy has signature pink hair ($20.99, LolliCouture) that you will need to style into two loops on the side of your head. Then you will adorn your hairdo with a nurse hat hairband ($5.99, PartyCity). Nurse Joy also wore a pink dress ($15.99, Amazon) with a white apron ($3.99, Amazon) over it. You and your friends can all wear this matching outfit and people will totally get the reference.

Image: Polyvore

8. Ditto

This little creature could transform into any Pokemon it comes in contact with. I personally thought it was the BOMB. With a little wink and a smile you can totally moonlight as one this Halloween.

What You'll Need: Ditto was a misshapen blob with eyes. You are so much more than that. Just do your makeup with purple themes in mind, put on a purple dress ($9.99, MayCool) and hold up a hand mirror ($28, Unique Vintage) every time someone asks who you are. This will also totally make you the hit of the party because people will keep checking on their outfits with you!

9. Squirtle Posse

You can do this by yourself or get your friends in on the fun. Just make sure to sell the cool vibes of the character.

What You'll Need: Squirtle's outfit starts with a blue hat ($15, Luxury Divas) and blue jeans ($39.99, H&M) to represent his limbs. Add a yellow shirt ($14.99, Lane Bryant) to create his signature body. The turtle backpack ($24.47, Amazon) will basically give you a shell and double as an awesome purse. Finally, add the glasses ($7.99, RomWe) to complete the look.

Image: Polyvore

10. Team Valor

One of the three team leaders on "Pokemon Go" is named Candela. She's awesome. You won't be dressing up like her, though — you'll be dressing up like the Team Valor mascot.

What You'll Need: The look you are going for is called "Red Bird Flow". You'll need a red blouse ($22.99, MayKool) with sleeves that sort of look like wings. Then add a pair or flowing red pants ($11.79, Pink Queen) to the ensemble. Slide on some elbow length gloves ($17.49, Luxury Divas) and finish off the look with a Pokeball backpack ($46.84, Amazon).

Image: Polyvore

11. Team Mystic

Anyone can dress up like a funny Pokemon, but not many are going to try to dress up like a legendary bird Pokemon that represents Team Mystic.

What You'll Need: Since you're a magical bird that has super powers, you will need a blue baseball hat ($6.50, GoJane) that doubles as a beak. Then add a flowing blue blouse ($16.99, RomWe) as your wings and overalls ($36, Relax Feel) as your blue body. Finally, the winged backpack ($64.99, Amazon) is optional. Finish everything off with some pretty snowflake stickers ($2.69, Joanne's).

Image: Polyvore

12. Team Instinct

Another mighty great idea is to dress up as the Team Mystic mascot — Zapdos. What more do you want other than lightning bolts shooting out of you and the ability to fly?

What You'll Need: Since the mascot for team mystic is really fluffy, you will want a poofy yellow dress ($50, RentTheRunway). On top of your head you can wear this yellow hat ($65.58, Etsy) that looks like something is going to shoot out of it. For actual lighting you can just use yellow ribbon ($7.49, Domino) and tie it to your wrists so you can easily wrangle them back. Some pretty dangly earrings ($39.99, BlueFly) can be the last touch of this look.

Images: Polyvore

13. Magneton

When I first saw this Pokemon I didn't really understand what it was, but now that I ~get it~, I see the Halloween costume potential in its full glory.

What You'll Need: This look is pretty simple, but will require you to explain it a little bit. The black t-shirt ($7.99, Shein) will act like Magneton's body. The magnets ($7.95, CB2) will be the actual magnetic power that Magneton possesses. The Pokemon backpack ($46.84, Amazon) should be worn backwards on your chest to show that you are a Pokemon and finally the grey gloves ($8.19, Yoins) will represent Magneton's magnetic fork arms. Warning: people will be trying to stick fridge magnets to you all night.

Image: Polyvore

14. Jinx

This Pokemon was one of the most human-like out of all of the creatures Ash Ketchum encountered.

What You'll Need: You will need to cut out the middle part of a yellow bandeau (17.99, Target) so that the red dress ($14, Buckle) will peek through it (kind of like Regina George's outfit). A blond wig ($32, Etsy) will need to be parted in the middle and fluffed out on the sides to give that "Rachel" look. Purple gloves ($16.99, ThredUp) will be your new handsm and purple eyeshadow ($9.99, Beauty) can be applied to your entire face just like Jinx.

Image: Polyvore

15. Antisocial Psyduck

This little guy was always so confused. I feel for him, I really do. This Halloween he just might crack everyone up.

What You'll Need: Psyduck is all yellow and silent, saving you from socializing all night (ugh, right?). You can wear a big yellow shirt ($19.08, RoseWe) as the body and then tape question marks made out of construction paper ($9.38, Cymax) all over yourself. The look is complete with a duck sleeping mask ($4.47, Etsy) that transforms your face into a Pokemon.

Image: Polyvore

16. Irresponsible Professor Oak

The man who started Ash on his journey to become a Pokemon Master. What I like most about him is that he didn't hesitate to send a bunch of ten-year-olds on a mission alone in the wilderness with no life experience. What a jokester!

What You'll Need: A simple lab coat ($23.98, BeallsFlorida) and a berry colored polo ($13, Aeropostale) is the basis for this costume. The rest is how you sell the whole thing. I would suggest getting a couple of Pokeballs ($49.17, Etsy) and or Pokemon related treats and handing them out.

Image: Polyvore

17. Balloon Exeggutor

This is a stellar costume that just takes a little creativity and some lungs.

What You'll Need: Exeggutor looks like a giant tree. You will need a brown t-shirt ($7.99, RomWe) and brown pants ($39.99, OverStock) to create his body. Then you'll want to tape palm tree leaves ($3.89, NewChic) to the back of the shirt that makes it look like his leafy hair. Blow up to yellow balloons ($4.14, NewChic) and draw your face on them. Tape the balloons on to your shoulders to make it look like you have three heads.

Images: Polyvore

18. "Who Is That Pokemon?"

This was a huge part of the show when we were growing up. You'd watch the commercials just to get the answers to each riddle.

What You'll Need: Your goal is to create a shadow-like effect to play off the idea that you are a hidden Pokemon. This will require you to wear a black t-shirt ($7.99, Shein) and black jeans ($18.99, Shein). Then you will cut a question mark out of yellow construction paper ($9.38, Cymax) and tape it to the middle of your shirt. The last touch is putting different named Pokemon on Post-Its ($2.44, Walmart) and sticking that all over your shirt and pants.

Images: Polyvore

Remember to fist-bump any other "Pokemon"-clad friends you see out in the wild. Gotta catch 'em all!

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