Here's A Look At Wet N Wild's Fall Collection

by Kali Borovic

Summer is coming to an end, which means even more beauty products are on the way. After weeks of social media teasing, Wet N Wild's fall collection is finally here. If you're wondering what's in store for the start of the cold-weather season, you'll be happy to know that there's a little bit of everything. Whether you're looking to buy one or two pieces or get them all, you're going to love the fall beauty setup from this brand.

When it comes to makeup there are no rules, and Wet N Wild knows that. Instead of muting down their color selection or sticking you with one fall color scheme, they're doing it all. The color continues right through fall with this collection. There's four different colored mascaras, four liquid lipsticks, and two new eyeshadow palettes. Basically, this is a bold makeup lovers dream.

There's even more exciting news too. You can buy each one of the fall products separately or you can buy it in one big fall box for only $29. There's a bonus for buying in bulk though. When you buy the set, you get two of Wet N Wild's raved about highlighters as well. That's 12 different products for less than what an eyeshadow palette costs from many other makeup companies.

The Wet N Wild Fall Collection is available on their site right now. Makeup lovers were so excited about the sale that they actually crashed the site as soon as the products went live. After looking at what's on offer, you'll know exactly why people so into it.

Wet N Wild Fall Box Set, $28.99,

Everything plus two highlighters for under $30? Yes, please. I told you it was an awesome deal!

Not to mention that you get two different eyeshadow trios. These would easily look fabulous all on it's own or mixed together for a custom creation. The possibilities are endless.

You can even bring back the '90s in the most modern way possible. There are four different colored mascara shades from bronze all the way to green. You'll have to act fast though, because these are limited edition.

Finish off the look with some gorgeous bold or dark lip colors. Wet N Wild has thought of everything to make your fall makeup look bold.

Images: WetNWildBeauty/Instagram (1)