Leslie Jones Meeting Katie Ledecky Is So Special

I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of all of these wonderful meet-ups happening in and around the 2016 Rio Olympics. Simone Biles meeting Zac Efron. Michael Phelps meeting Simone Biles. The latest: Leslie Jones finally met Katie Ledecky, and unlike her more composed counterparts — aka all of those reporters and news anchors who try so hard to keep their cool around incredibly talented athletes — she totally lost it, proving that, Leslie Jones will always react like the rest of us would when meeting her sports idols.

I personally like to think of Jones as my very own id, let loose and running rampant around the world with a mic and smartphone in either hand. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what my id would do, actually — whatever Leslie Jones does. Like, if I ever actually met a famous athlete like Jones has been able to do since being flown to Rio by NBC to report on the events, I would do exactly what she did: Stand there beside Ledecky and talk so fast it’s almost impossible to make out what I'm saying.

While meeting Ledecky, Jones completely loses it, so much so that she admits it out loud in the video she posted of the meeting: “I’m trying not to lose all of my shit,” she said, gesticulating wildly. “I know I’m embarrassing myself, but I don’t care,” the SNL star said, then. “Slay all day,” she added, before giving a shout out to the west side.

Jones' pure enthusiasm while meeting Ledecky really is incredible. You have to love a person who isn’t afraid of being entirely themselves. Clearly, more than most correspondents, Jones isn’t afraid to be a true fan around these people, and that’s what makes her such a fan favorite to watch.