Here's Why The Black & Brown Kyliners Are Worth It

Black and brown eyeliner are staples of any cosmetics wardrobe. I have at least five (15 maybe?) black liners in a variety of formulations, like pencils or gels, from all different brands in my makeup bag. You're among friends here, so there's no eyeliner shaming. The black and brown Kylie Cosmetics Kyliner kits, which are "coming soon," have me so, so excited. While Kylie Jenner and her brand have refrained from calling or marketing them as "Kyliner Kits," that's pretty much what they are. The individual components are what makes the Kyliners so special! Are the the Kylie Cosmetics Kyliners worth it?

Yes, of course they are! Here's exactly why.

The brand debuted the first Kyliner with the gold-drenched Birthday Edition collection, which was limited edition. The Dark Bronze Kyliner boasted a $38 price tag and sold out every time it went on sale. That may seem pricy for eyeliner. But when you break it down, it's actually quite a deal. The Kyliner is a three-piece set, or "kit," and includes an eyeliner pencil, a pot of gel, and an application brush.

Ultimately, it shakes out to just over $12 per item in the kit. These three pieces are designed to work wonderfully together or to stand on their own. There are plenty of ways to wear and use the individual pieces that you haven't thought of yet.

The price tag is also on par with most eyeliners from mid-range and upscale brands. I'm assuming that the Black Kyliner and Brown Kyliner will be the same price as the Dark Bronze, since it's the same pieces.

The Kyliner is returning with two new basic and necessary shades — black and brown. Those are essential colors that you always want in your makeup bag. They go with everything and will work in tandem with any and all eye products already in your stash.

Example: Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods wore the black Kyliner, pairing it with the Kyshadow Palette and the Birthday Edition creme shadows. You can remain brand loyal with the Kyliners or you can branch out and match it with others.

The Kyliner elements will also allow you to create a bunch of different looks. The versatility is there. You can customize and play. You can apply the pot gel with the brush. Or you can use the brush to smudge the pencil, post-application. You can also use the pencil as a guide. Draw the flick or the wing with the pencil first. Then trace it with the gel. You can even smudge the gel liner over your lid with your finger for a sooty, intentionally messy smoky eye.

See how many options you get with the Kyliner set?

Also, Jenner has proven that she understands trends and what her customers want with her blockbuster, mega matte Lip Kits and Kylie Glosses.

The lippies have sold out on the regular upon launching, but her team has finally gotten to a point where stock has leveled off and supply isn't always drained. However, Jenner can't keep the nine-pan Bronze Kyshadow palette — her first!— in stock. We know the demand and the quality is there with Kylie Cosmetics items.

BTW, Jenner Snapped that the sold-out Bronze Kyshadow Palette, which has the distinction of being her first eye product after nearly a year of lip-only offerings, is coming back. The restock is slated for Friday, August 19 at 3 p.m. PT.

Will Jenner introduce the black and brown Kyliners at the same time? She may do just that. She can make the next restock all about the eyes.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Snapchat (4); Kylie Cosmetics (3)