ABH Foundation Sticks Are Best For This Skin Type

This makeup company is at it again with another brand new product, but this time it's not about the brows. Anastasia Beverly Hills is launching foundation sticks as well as three highlight and contour shades. As if coming out with a large range of shades wasn't enough, they also targeted them to a specific skin concern. What skin type are the ABH Foundation Sticks ideal for? If your skin has one of these issues, you should consider snagging the new product.

With the release date of the ABH Foundation Sticks right around the corner, it's best that you get all the details of this new wonder product. First off, they'll eventually come in 30 different shades. It's crazy, I know. That not only makes it perfect for a large variety of skin tones, but it also allows you to easily find your perfect highlight, contour, and foundation shade all in the same line.

The colors might be for everyone, but the formula might be a bit more targeted. According to company's Instagram posts, the ABH Foundation Sticks work best with oily to combination skin types. That makes sense considering that it's a cream product, which sometimes clings to dry patches on skin. While there's no saying that you can't try them out if you have dry skin, it's good to know that the company thought of a specific audience for this item.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation, $25, Sephora

More companies have been coming out with foundations in stick form, but ABH definitely stands out as one of the top ones already. Why, you ask? Well, aside from the amazing shade range, they're only $25 each. Other brands have priced there's up in the $40 to $50 range, so this is pretty exciting news. It also means that you can get a foundation, contour, and highlight for less than $100.

On top of the 24 different bases, there's also a banana highlight stick and three different contour shades. Three more foundations are set to come out later in the year as well. According to their Instagram, this is a medium to full coverage base that has a smooth matte finish.

There's a good chance that this product will fly off the virtual shelves. Since the product don't hit stores until late August, you'll want to be sitting by your computer when these go live.

Image: anastasiabeverlyhills/Instagram (1)