At New York Fashion Week, Models Barely Sleep and Stylists Can't Stop Moving

Who wants to be America's Next Top Model? Maybe not you, after you find out how much sleep they get during fashion week. According to Fashionista, the people at Jawbone asked a whole bunch of NYFW's most illustrious to use their UP exercise bracelet throughout NYFW. The device tracks sleep and exercise, so when Jawbone compiled the findings, we got a eagle's-eye view of just how strenuous it is to be Karlie Kloss.

Jawbone categorized its participants in four ways:

  1. The Tastemakers: editors, bloggers, buyers, and basically anyone with an American Express Platinum in their back pocket.
  2. The Creators: those tortured designers.
  3. The Faces: models, personalities (?), and, let's be honest, zero writers.
  4. The Stylists: the geniuses who dealt with hair, makeup, and clothing.

Are you imagining the models dashing from show to show, stomping down runway after runway, and ending the night covered in sweat? Wrong! Models don't actually move around that much during NYFW, averaging 6,814 steps a day, the least movement out of all four categories. (It was still more daily steps than the average American female takes, though. Awkward!) Fashionista points out that much of a model's fashion week workday is spent in a chair, getting her hair and makeup done. Also worth nothing: models didn't wear UP bracelets on the runways, obviously, but were encouraged to manually enter the activity afterward.

Who run the world? STYLISTS, who averaged an unbelievable 12,906 steps a day, which is something like 6.5 miles. It makes sense, if you picture them hopping from model to model, redoing makeup, dashing to Walgreens for some extra Elnett hairspray, and so on.

Creators and Tastemakers both hit around 9,000 steps a day. Perhaps nervously pacing around backstage during the show accounts for many of the Creators' steps. Perhaps nervously pacing around waiting for their limousine to take them to the Alexander Wang show in Brooklyn accounted for the Tastemakers'.

When it came to sleep, Tastemakers were very careful to stay well-rested — presumably so they could be sharply critical for the next day's shows — averaging 7.4 hours a night. Creators tossed and turned with worry and got about 5.6 hours a night, while stylists earned a full 6.8 — probably from pure exhaustion. But models also got the short end of the deal here, averaging a painful 4 hours a night of shut-eye. Still, when you're young and the glittering after-party beckons and there's a rumor going around that Jared Leto is going to show up, what you gonna do — go to bed?

See Jawbone's graph over on Fashionista.